Meditation Pure & Simple  -  The Heart and Essence of Meditation Practice

Meditation Pure & Simple - The Heart and Essence of Meditation Practice

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Author: Ian Gawler
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 142
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178223407


People who meditate regularly seem to have something special about them.

Perhaps it is their deeply contented smile.

Perhaps it is their natural good health.

Certainly, powerful medical research tells us that meditation reliably prevents illness, maximizes performance. It is a profound healing technique and leads to peace of mind.

Meditation achieves all this by restoring our natural state of balance. Once we re-establish an inner balance there is a flow-on-effect. Soon we experience physical balance and good health, emotional balance and poise, mental clarity and confidence, and spiritual harmony.

The real secret to all this is that this balance is found in a state of inner silence – simple silence. And all that we need to do to experience it is-be still-and there it is!

So How to Do It?

How to let go of life’s busyness and be still?
How to relax physically and still the mind?
Meditation-Pure and simple delivers what it promises.


Chapter 1 – The Heart and Essence of Meditation
Chapter 2 – Making Sense of Meditation - A Theoretical Framework'
Chapter 3 – How to Meditate - The Choices. The Direct Approach
Chapter 4 - Preparing to Meditate - Creating a Conducive Environment
Chapter 5 - The Relaxation Response -Relaxing Physically, Calming the Mind
Chapter 6 - Relaxing Quickly and Deeply - Resting in Natural Peace
Chapter 7 - Entering the Silence - Letting go and Letting Be
Chapter 8 - A Summary - Putting the Preparation and the Practice Together.