Making News, Breaking News, Her Own Way

Making News, Breaking News, Her Own Way

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Author: Barkha Dutt
Latika Padgaonkar/Several Contributors
Foreword/Introduction: B G Verghese / Shuba Singh
Publisher: Tranquebar
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 321
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381626498


Making News, Breaking News, HerOwn Way is about the lives and work of some of the most outstanding women journalists of our time who redefined and gave a whole new meaning to what constitutes news, in terms of values and themes.

The groundbreaking work done by these journalists won them the prestigious Chameli Devi Jain Award for Outstanding Women Mediaperson, and like Chameli Devi Jain, a simple housewife who joined the freedom struggle in Delhi, they too exemplify values of independence, courage and dedication.

From across the north, south, east and west of India, in different languages, these intrepid women have exposed corruption, child labour and caste massacres, uncovered financial scams, fought against atrocities committed against women, championed human rights and celebrated when their stories have been catalysts for change.

In today s age of tweets and instant information, the early women journalists filed their reports, if lucky typed on an Olivetti typewriter, but most times from a post office, used as a conduit to get reports to the desk. They have come a long way, from the time the profession was a stronghold of men, when they were relegated to covering flower shows and beauty pageants, to the present day, when no area is forbidden territory, be it the Kargil war, terrorist attacks in Kashmir, insurgency in the North-east, art, environmental concerns, consumer rights, and everything else in between. The stories range from the days of Prabha Dutt and Usha Rai, torchbearers for a whole generation of women journalists, to those like Tavleen Singh, Barkha Dutt and Madhu Kishwar, who are in the forefront of the media today. This book also pays tribute to India s first photographer Homai Vyarawalla, who captured a whole era of great historical change with her lens.


Preface by B G Verghese

1. Chameli Devi Jain by Devaki Jain
2. Changing Times, changing Media by Neerja Chowdhury
3. Yeh Dil Maange More by Barkha Dutt
4. Following Media Trajectories by Sevanti Ninan
5. It’s A Man’s World by Shahnaz Anklesaria Aiyar
6. My Serendipitous Journey with A Pen by Sakuntala Narasimhan
7. A Freelancer Recalls old Times and New by Sheela Barse
8. Manushi – No Zenana Dabba by Madhu Purnima Kishwar
9. Why Women Matter by Kalpana Sharma
10. Reporting from a Man’s World by Tavleen Singh
11. You Have A Problem, I Have A Committee by Chitra Subramaniam
12. Reporting that made a difference by Usha Rai
13. A Consuming Cause by Pushpa Girimaji
14. Mediastorm – Memories of A Collective by Shohini Ghosh, Sabina Kidwai, Shikha Jhingan, Ranjani Mazumdar, Sabeena Godihoke and Charu Gargi
15. Exposing Business Unusual by Sucheta Dalal
16. Reporting A Genocide by Teesta Setalvad
17. Lone Rangers Don’t Get the Padma Shri by Alka Raghuvanshi
18. In Pursuit of Change by Manimala
19. Real and Virtual Worlds by Sheela Bhatt
20. From Telegram to Twitter – An Semi-Circle by Shubha Singh
21. To Stand on top of the Mountain by Patricia Mukhim
22. Rewards and Heartbreaks of Freelancing by Annam Suresh
23. Newsline odds, Obstacles and Triumphs by Rehana Hakim
24. The Answer will find me by Anita Pratap
25. Reflections in the Media Mirror by Pamela Philipose
26. The Lady with Two Cameras – The life and times of Homai Vyarawalla by Sabeena Gadihoke
27. History through A Lens – A Photo-essay by Homai Vyarawalla
28. Tribal women’s Struggles in Jharkhand by Vasavi Kiro
29. Giving Voice to the voiceless by Priti Soni
30. Lost in the big picture by Bano Haralu
31. Reporting the Communal Divide by Shikha Trivedy
32. The fine Print in India’s Growth Story by Sonu Jain
33. Khabar Lahariya – A Voice with A Difference by Shalini Joshi and Disha Mullick
34. Down to Earth Knowledge-Based Activism by Sunita Narain
35. Haunted, Hunted by Ratna Bharali Talukdar
36. Off The Prime-Time Map by Nilanjana Bose
37. Remya’s Story – Home is Where the Heart is by Sreerekha B
38. Jangal Mahal – The Twilight Zone by Rupashree Nanda
39. Reporting from the Neighbourhood by Nirupama Subramaniam
40. Right to Information – A Formidable Tool by Vinita Deshmukh
41. New Vistas in Journalism in Nagaland by Tiamerenla Monalisa Changkija
List of Awardees