Elements of Vedic Astrology    -    2 - Volume Set

Elements of Vedic Astrology - 2 - Volume Set

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Author: K S Charak
Publisher: UMA Publications
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 453
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8190100807


The 'Elements of Vedic Astrology' is an excellent and most comprehensive book on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology written in English. It treats astrology in a most organised and scientific manner. The book deals elaborately with mathematical aspects of astrology.

Two important dasha systems, the Vimshottari and the Yogini have been described. It enters into areas of research, like the vargas, the sub-planets, and the planetary states or avasthas. Three chapters are devoted to the all-important subject of the yogas which form the basis of many an astrological prediction. The Nabhasa yogas have been dealt with, and classfied, in a most innovative manner.

Results of planets in various houses, signs, etc., have been described in great details. Several other subjects like planetary strengths, Balarishta, Arishta Bhanga, determination of longevity, medical astrology, horary astrology, annual horoscopy, planetary transits, Ashtakavarga, Muhurta and methods of matching charts for marriage purposes, etc., have all been dealt with lucidly. The book is profusely illustrated by example horoscopes.


Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Volume – I

1. Vedic Astrology : An Introduction
2. Elementary Concepts of Astronomy-I
3. Elementary Concepts of Astronomy-II
4. Vedic Method of Instruction : An Illustration
5. Of Signs, Houses and Planets
6. Nature of Planets
7. Significations of Houses and Planets
8. Casting a Horoscope : Cusps of Houses
9. Casting a Horoscope : Longitudes of Planets
10. Vargas or Subtle Divisions
11. The Sub-planets
12. Planetary States of Being
13. Graha Bala or the Strength of Planets
14. The Dashas or Operational Periods of Planets
15. Interpretation of the Vimshottari Dasha
16. Balarishta and Arishta Bhanga

Volume – II

1. Placement of Lord of Houses
2. Planets in Different Houses
3. Planets in Different Signs
4. Nabhasa Yogas
5. Yogas Based on Ownership of Houses
6. Specific and Miscellaneous Yogas
7. Mathematical Calculation of Longevity
8. Astrology of Health and Disease
9. Varshaphala or Annual Horoscopy
10. Muhurata or the Astrology of Election
11. Matching of Charts – The Traditional Method
12. Prashna or Horary Astrology
13. Gochara or Planetary Transits
14. Ashtakavarga
15. Sudarshana Chakra
16. Summary