Urban Shots  - The Love Collection

Urban Shots - The Love Collection

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Author: Narendranath Mitra
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Sneh Thakur
Publisher: Westland Books
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381626474


31 love Stories by 27 Authors.

Comprising thirty-one love stories by twenty-seven authors, Urban Shots: Love Collection carries on the Urban Shots series which focuses on the lives of everyday Indians all across the small towns and big cities of the nation.

Featuring authors such as R. Chandrasekar, Paritosh Uttam, Ira Trivedi, Arunava Sinha, Rohini Kejriwal and many more, it explores the tender side of life, leaving the reader dreaming and smiling, feeling tender, moved, giddy and loved along with the characters themselves.

A must-have book in your collection! Weaving through the expanse of emotions that make up love, debutant writers and well known authors bring you a collection of stories that will pull at your heartstrings.

These heartfelt tales take you on a journey across India. In Sultangarh, a young school teacher contemplates the better rishta for herself. At Esplanade, a man awaits a rendezvous with his much younger ‘girlfriend’.

In Chennai, an IT Projects Manager meets a mysterious stranger. Love blossoms in unexpected places at a jhalmuri stall outside a BPO; two insomniacs from Mumbai meet by night; and in the quiet of Flurys café, a man revisits a time gone by with his lover.

Many of these stories delve into secret places. An intimate moment reveals darker secrets. A bride sits at the altar conflicted. The truth about a marriage comes unfurling ‘out of the closet’. A passionate couple try to address a ‘loud’ problem. While a once happy couple grapple with the stings of betrayal.

Laughter, as fortune favours the believer of positions of the stars; a street smart young lad walks into a marriage proposal setup; a boisterous middle aged woman chatters away about her secret love life and many other stories.

Edited by Sneh Thakur, and with popular writers like Arunava Sinha, Ira Trivedi, Paritosh Uttam, R Chandrasekar, Ahmed Faiyaz and Malathi Jaikumar among many new voices, this is an anthology of urban Indian fiction, translated regional literature and stories never told before – straight from the heart.


“Deceptively simple and intriguing Urban Shots paints a delightful picture of life and times in colourful Indian cities.”
--- Praise for Urban Shots

“Urban Shots has the right ingredients for a breezy read.”
--- DNA, Mumbai



1. Written in the Stars by R. Chandrasekar
2. Rishta by Ahmed Faiyaz
3. For Convenience’s Sake by Paritosh Uttam
4. You’re Mine by Siddartha Lal
5. The Girlfriend by Narendranath Mitra Translated by Arunava Sinha
6. Making Out by Hina Siddiqui
7. In Love with a Stranger by Ira Trivedi
8. The Last Look by Rohan Swamy
9. High Time by Kailash Srinivasan
10. Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Sneh Thakur
11. Pause, Rewind, Play by Shoma Narayanan
12. Sahana or Shamim by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay Translated by Arunava Sinha
13. Measures of life and Love by Anant Tripathi
14. Strangers by Ahmed Faiyaz
15. The Girl who was too Loud by Gayatri Hingorani
16. A Simple Question by Naman Saraiya
17. Twisted by Lipi Mehta
18. 32 B by Varsha Suman
19. Coffee? By Ahmed Faiyaz
20. A Good Day by Richa S. Chatterjee
21. Closure by Rajni Gupta
22. My Familiar by Rohini Kejriwal
23. Reality Bytes by Anitha Murthy
24. Tall Order by Malathi Jaikumar
25. The Coffee Shop by Nimmy Chacko
26. A Girl Can Dream by Ayeesha Khanna
27. Love is Blind by Vibha Batra
28. Invisible Touch by Jairaj Padmanabhan
29. The Girl on A Train by Rohan Swamy
30. The Jhalmuri Seller by Bhabani Shankar Kar
31. Sleepless by Night by Mona Ramavat