A History of the Sikh Misals

A History of the Sikh Misals

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Author: Bhagat Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 479
ISBN/UPC (if available): 813020181-X



This work on the Sikh Misals mainly relates to the Eighteenth century which is, undoubtedly, the most eventful period in the Sikh history. In has been done at the instance of Dr. Ganda Singh, one of India’s top-ranking historians of his time and the most distinguished specialist of the eighteenth century Punjab history.

For decades, there had been nothing nearer his heart than the desire of writing a detailed account of the Sikh Misals.

Due to his preoccupation with many controversial issues of the Sikh history he kept on postponing this work to a near future. But a day came when the weight of years and failing health refused to permit him to undertake this work.

He asked me to do it and magnanimously placed at my disposal his unrivalled life-long collection of Persian manuscripts and other rare books relating to the period. Thus, with the most invaluable source material at my working desk my job become easier.



1. Evolution of the Sikh Community
2. From the Cross to the Crown
3. The Ahluwalia Misal
4. The Bhangi Misal
5. The Ramgarhia Misal
6. The Faizullapuria Misal
7. The Kanaihya Misal
8. The Sukarchakia Misal
9. The Dellewalia Misal
10. The Shahid or Nihang Misal
11. The Nakkai Misal
12. The Nishanwalia Misal
13. The Karosinghia Misal
14. The Phulkian Misal
15. Internal Politics of the Misals
16. The Origin and Development of the Misal Organization
17. Military System of the Misals
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