I Leave You My Dream  -  Osho Memories

I Leave You My Dream - Osho Memories

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Author: Satya Niranjan
Publisher: Sakshi Publication
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 258
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


This is A very great crisis. If we take the challenge, this is an opportunity to create the new. It has never been so ripe at any time in the past. You are living in one of the most beautiful ages – because the old is disappearing, or has disappeared and a chaos is crated. And it is only out of chaos that great stars are born.

You have the opportunity to create a cosmos again. This is an opportunity that comes only once in a while – very rare. You are fortunate to be alive in these critical times. Use the opportunity to create the new man.

And to create the new man you have to begin with yourself.

…Rejoice! The new man is coming the old is going. The old is already on the cross, and the new is already on the horizon. Rejoice! I say again and again, Rejoice!


1. My Beloved Ones
2. Your Own House is on fire
3. There is no Lock
4. Put is your Total Efforts
5. The Mahavir Consciousness
6. On the plant of prosperity
7. from sex to super Consciousness
8. Stretch your Legs as much as can
9. Not Propaganda but publicity
10. Enjoyed it!
11. The Perfect Timing
12. Your Name – Satya Niranjan
13. Purchase this very House
14. I do Not want Crowd Around Me
15. Devotion of the Disciple
16. The Master and the Full Moon
17. Meditation will accompany you
18. Zorba the Buddha
19. I got my Kusum Back
20. Stop Worrying about me
21. Each day is a celebration day
22. I Presented Him the Supreme Life
23. Messenger of the Hell
24. Meditation Put to Test
25. Rajneeshpuram
26. Pilgrimage to Rajneeshpuram
27. If your Trust is total
28. They are my people
29. Socrates poisoned Again
30. I leave you my Dream