Hinduism and Monotheistic Religions

Hinduism and Monotheistic Religions

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Author: Ram Swarup
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): David Frawley
Publisher: Voice of India
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 550
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788185990842


This volume comprises the largest collection of Shri Ram Swamp's writings ever published between two covers. Many of the articles have been printed for the very first time, and they span a period of over four decades.

The book includes critiques of Christian and Islamic thought from a Hindu perspective and suggestions on how Hinduism can be practiced in modern Times in tune with its deeper Spiritual teachings. It also incorporates several short articles and book reviews written for various Newspapers and magazines.

The volume is divided roughly into three sections dealing with Hinduism, Christianity and Islam respectively. In each section, the reader will come across writings on many different Topics illuminating the Dharmic perspective on numerous issues of modern relevance. These writings show Ram Swarup's profound understanding of social, historical, Religious and spiritual issues and also illustrate how Dharmic principles can provide a solution to problems facing humanity today. The author's writings offer a compelling intellectual and spiritual defense of Hinduism vis-à-vis competing world-views, and provide for a practical way to put Hindu Renaissance back on track.

Ram Swarup was a unique thinker who not only showed an acute awareness of modern challenges to and distortions of Hindu traditions, but also suggested practical Remedies that were rooted in the perennial Hindu spirituality itself. He demonstrated the universality of Hinduism in space and time and its ability to adapt itself to ever changing conditions in our world, even while retaining its core principles. As the excesses of materialism, consumerism and Terrorism in human Societies become more and more debilitating, Shri Ram Swarup's expositions of Hindu thought and spirituality acquire a greater relevance and significance in providing Solutions to humanity as a whole.


Foreword/David Frawley

Part I : Hinduism :
1. A Sanskrit 'Public School'
2. An 'A' Class Vegetarian Hotel
3. Cruelty to Animals: In the Name of Science
4. A House for Cows in Every Colony
5. One God and Many Gods
6. Manna : The Heavenly Food
7. One Teacher, One School
8. The Problem of Self-Alienation : Anti-Hindu Hindus
9. How can India Contribute to the World if it Loses its Hindu Identity
10. Hindu Revaluation
11. An Unfinished Past : Dharma Inspired us in the early Days
12. Purity and Pollution
13. It is Brahma-Vada, Not Brahmin-Vada
14. The Basic Facts of Gandhism
15. The Indian Universalism : No Mere Globalism
16. Mira Behn comes to Mahatma Gandhi
17. Hinduism Today : Problems and Remedies
18. Secularism : A Bogus Issue in the Indian Situation
19. Historians Versus History
20. One Man's Funeral is Another Man's Festivity or Indian Indians and American Indians
21. Scriptural Hit-Lists
22. Ramakrishna Mission : In Search of a New Identity
23. Sri Ramakrishna's Alleged "Practice of Islam and Christianity"
24. The Truth of Harmony and Multiple Paths
25. Repudiation of a Great Inheritance
26. Delusive Ideologies and Hate Religions
27. Crisis of a Great Mission
28. Divine Dancers
29. Cry, Freedom
30. Vivekananda, His Vision and Mission
31. A Resurgent Hinduism
32. The Sad Plight of Fiji Indians
33. Fiji Hindus Face Racial and Religious Persecution
34. Hinduism Today
35. Uniting Hindus Across the Globe
36. Fifty Years after Independence : A Dharmic Challenge
37. Self-Identity
38. A Newton Among the Brahmins
39. Zen and the Art of Farming
40. Buddhist Route and Upanishadic Tradition
41. How Meanings of Concepts Change
42. Degeneration of Polity: Plato on Modern Times
43. Psyche and Politics : A Probe into Decline of Values
44. A Nation in Search of its lost Greatness
45. Religion and Non-Religion
46. Hindu Roots of Sikhism
47. From Sikhs into Singhs
48. Sikh Separatism : Its Genesis and Development
49. The Hindu-Sikh Cleavage : Story of British Machination
50. Neo-Sikh View of History
51. The Happenings in Punjab : A form of Guerilla Warfare

Part II : Christianity :
52. The Battle of the Bible
53. The Legacy of Guilt
54. When God Plays Favourites
55. Jesus Christ Superstar
56. The Trials and Tears of Mary
57. At odds with Mysticism
58. Christianity Mainly for Export
59. Thy Kingdom is the Third World
60. Proselytisation as it is practised
61. The Sacred Facts
62. A Pilgrim's Progress
63. Back to Jesus
64. Theology of a "Liberal" Christianity Under Construction
65. Liberal Christianity in India
66. Different Paths Meeting in God
67. Spirituality is Yogic, not Demonic
68. The Issue of Ethical Conversion
69. Christianity and Missionary Work
70. World Evangelization

Part III : ISLAM :
71. Adopted Grievances
72. The Problem is Islam, Not Muslims
73. Swords to sell a God
74. Preventing Free Enquiry into Religion
75. Muslim Fecundity
76. Learned Questions
77. In the Land of Converts : An Islamic Journey
78. The Perils of Probing into the Book
79. The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam by Cyril Glasse
80. Persecution of Buddhism by the Muslims


81. Bhutpurva Pradhan Mantri Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji Ka Sandesh
82. Ram Swarup, Sage of the Vedic Renaissance
83. Ram Swarup! Deh Nahi, Pragya Punj
84. Ek Manishi Ka Smaran