Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh  -  Strategies Revisited

Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh - Strategies Revisited

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Author: Saurabh Johri
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 72
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171889211


Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, is one of the most important states in the country. The state not only impacts national economy and politics but also has international overtures due to its culture, demographics and geography.

Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh is a unique book which analyses the situation in Uttar Pradesh not limiting its scope to just ‘what needs to be done’ but goes on to the next level of ‘how it needs to be done’.

The book has prioritized some key areas of reforms and has suggested models to trigger large scale reforms in the state; many of the models suggested in the book are universal in nature. It has also incorporated ideas from some of the most experienced officers who have served Uttar Pradesh in the post, academicians who have deep understanding of the state and politicians of national and regional parties who have worked closely with the people of the state.

This book would be of interest of politicians and bureaucrats within the state and nation, who want to make an impact in public service not only in Uttar Pradesh but helpful to national and international researchers who want to understand deeper issues in economic development and governance reforms.


“Insightful and of contemporary relevance. Well researched, indigenous and contextual, would help in making governance good and effective. A resource material for bringing meaningful development change in Uttar Pradesh with multidimensional issues and difficult Socio-economic Terrains.”
--- S.M. Haider Rizvi, Director (Policy Analysis), School of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

“The Publication of this insightful book is timely. Uttar Pradesh is going through a critical stage of transformation and the issues and models highlighted in the book are very relevant during this transition.”
--- Rajiv Kumar, Secretary General, FICCI



1. Envisioning a New Uttar Pradesh
i. Elements of the New Vision

2. Redefining the Governance Foundations – Administration and Politics
ii. Measuring Success beyond Numeric Targets
iii. Empowering Government Officials
iv. Enhancing the E-governance Experience
v. Overhauling the Police System and Ensuring Speedy Justice
vi. Judicial Reforms

3. Remodelling the Growth Pillars – Core Sectors and Service
vii. Enhancing the Economic Security
viii. Enriching the Infrastructure Support
ix. Strengthening the Social Welfare and Security Net

4. Summary and Key Recommendations
x. Governance Reforms
xi. Economic and Infrastructure Reforms
xii. Social Sector Reforms