Re - Imagining the Indus  -  Mapping Media Reportage in India and Pakistan

Re - Imagining the Indus - Mapping Media Reportage in India and Pakistan

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Author: Samir Saran
Hans Rasmussen Theting/
Publisher: Knowledge World
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 145
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789380502960


Water shortage has become a subject of intense public debate in the present political narrative on resource management and riparian rights.

In an attempt to discern the divergence on core issues and mainstream media reporting, Re-imagining the Indus is a methodological study based on Media Content Analysis of the reporting on water issues related to the Indus, in the leading dailies of both India and Pakistan.

This monograph seeks to capture the existing discourse and stimulate policy dialogue on the subject.


Key Findings

1. Introduction
i. The Political Discourse
ii. Governance
iii. People, Practice and Environment

2. Research Question and Methodology
iv. Rationale for the Method Used
v. Time Frame
vi. Search Terms
vii. Coding Frame
viii. Interrogation of Texts

3. Finding

ix. Pakistan
x. The Political Discourse
xi. Governance
xii. People, Practice and Environment
xiii. India
xiv. The Political Discourse
xv. Governance
xvi. People, Practice and Environment

4. Analysis and Conclusion
xvii. Rural-Urban Bias
xviii. Temporal Bias
xix. Focus on Environment