Dalit Muslims  -  Double Exclusion: A Study on Dalit Muslims in Selected States of India

Dalit Muslims - Double Exclusion: A Study on Dalit Muslims in Selected States of India

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Indian Social Institute
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 161
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788189762391


Discrimination and exclusion of marginalized groups are issues that are ever more receiving the attention of researchers. The present book discusses largely on the aspects of double exclusion in the context of Muslim communities who have or have not yet been much debated in the mainstream development benefits.

Double exclusion process or the processes of marginalization and discrimination. The contemporary understanding about double exclusion has created interest among the academia and policy makers to understand the problems.

The book “Dalit Muslims – Double Exclusion: A Study on the Dalit Muslims is Selected States of India” by Archana Sinha and Mukhtar Alam is an effort to bring the issues concerning double exclusion at various levels among the policy makers and researchers.

The subject for this study arose with the intention of venturing into double perspectives and forms of exclusion among Muslim communities existing in the society.

This was more imperative due to its both policy implications and wider applicability in the discourse on social exclusion. Hence, the book covers the issues of caste categories among Muslim communities.

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1. Exclusion of Dalit Muslims and Study Outline
2. Social Structure of Muslims and Behaviour with Dalit Muslims
3. Economic Situation and Occupational Structure of Dalit Muslims
4. Access to Social and Physical Infrastructure
5. Looking Ahead – Perspectives and Recommendations