Engaging with A Resurgent Africa

Engaging with A Resurgent Africa

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Author: Dilip Lahiri
Jorg Schultz/Manish Chand
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780230639980


Africa's resurgence promises to have lasting implications for an evolving new world order. Some of the world's fastest growing economies are in sub-Saharan Africa. More than 30 African countries have held multi-party elections.

The resource-rich continent is being courted by former colonial powers like Britain, France, Germany and Portugal, established powers like the US and Russia and emerging global players like India, China, Brazil and Japan.

Oil has acted as a magnet for renewed global attention on Africa. The competition for Africa's goodwill and its resources has intensified. Who should Africa choose, and why? The choices Africa makes in selecting its external partners could be critical to the ongoing story of its resurgence and its quest for self-reliance, development and a bigger voice on the global stage.

Moving beyond the old colonial notion of the 'scramble for Africa' this anthology of articles penned by eminent Africa scholars and experts puts the renewal of the continent at the heart of the contemporary discourse about this vibrant and dynamic region.

In this book, scholars and experts offer a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives as they analyse the factors spurring the resurgence of Africa and the all-too-real constraints that are holding it back. Will Africa finally catch up with its global destiny and translate its long-delayed promise into reality? The book seeks to map out the contours of this new Africa emerging in the 21st century globalised world.

The book is based on an international conference organised by the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi in November 2008.


Observer Research Foundation is a public policy think-tank that aims of influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India. ORF pursues these goals by providing informed and productive inputs, in-depth research and stimulating discussions. The foundation is supported is its mission by a cross-section of India’s leading public figures, academics and business leaders.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation s Actively involved in Political education throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. It considers itself part of the political movement of democratic Socialism. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has its origins in the association “Social Analysis and Political Education”, founded in discussion forum for critical thinking and political alternatives, and a centre for progressive social thinking and research both in Germany and throughout the world.


Afro-Optimism from Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama – A Tale of Two Prophecies

I. Inaugural Session – Globalization: India and Africa

1. Can Globalization be Contained? Towards Afro-Asian Strategies by Ali A. Mazrui
2. Re-emergence of India and Africa by Anand Sharma

II. The Mosaic of Africa

3. Oil – A Curse or A Catalyst for African Resurgence by Cyril I. Obi
4. Revisiting Africa in the Global Age by Girijesh Pant
5. Societal Conflicts in Africa – Emerging Constraints for Democracy and Development by S.N. Malakar

III. Paradigms of External Engagement

6. Africa – Rethinking Aid Model of Engagement by James Shikwati
7. Africa in a Changing World Economy by Arndt Hopfmonn
8. Resurgent Africa’s Engagement With India, China and the Third World by Ajay Dubey and Nivedita Ray
9. US Security Interests in Africa – Rajeswari Pillai Rajagoplan

IV. EU and India in Sub-Saharan Africa

10. EU-India Cooperation in African Development by Yash Tandon
11. EU-ACP Partnership and EU-African EPAs – Helmuth Markov
12. Principal Interests of EU and India in Sub-Saharan Africa by Osita C. Eze
13. India and EU in Africa – Convergence or Divergence? By Ruchita Beri

V. Reconciling Business with Social Objectives

14. FDI between India and South Africa by Stephen Gelb
15. “Win-Win” Situations in Energy Sector by Aparajita Biswas
16. Agenda for Collective Resurgence by Sachin Chaturvedi
17. Sustainable Livelihood Options – India-Africa Opportunities by Arun Kumar

VI. Conflict Management and Governance

18. Governance and Conflict Management – The Role of AU by K. Mathews
19. Why Sudan is a Hot Spot for Tensions in Africa by Norbert Boehme

VII. Valedictory Session

20. Engaging with Resurgent Africa (Rapporteur’s Summary) by Manish Chand
21. Engaging a Resurgent Africa – India’s Choices by Lalit Mansingh