Celebrating Dreams - Weddings in India

Celebrating Dreams - Weddings in India

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Author: Vandana Bhandari
Ruby Kashyap/
Publisher: Prakash Books
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172340303


A beautifully illustrated book describing the customs and traditions which govern the celebrations of marriage in different parts of India.

Marriage, perhaps one of the oldest institution in the world, bring into play much of the country's cultural and social life.. In India Vivah, a formal marriage is not an individual rite of passage and a religious sacrament, it is also a socio-economic transaction between families and clans. It is a great occasion for festivities.

Among the Hindus, it is a widespread belief that marriage links man and woman physically, socially, and morally. Even the Gods endorse this in assuming the form of Ardhnarishvara with the qualities they imply - an image of God as half-man and half-woman.

Published by National Institute of Fashion Technology - Celebrating Dreams is a fascinating book which captures elegantly the various aspects of Indian marriages as celebrated in different parts of India. Marriage rituals and symbols are described beautifully and illustrated in most bewitching fashion.


Weddings in India

Diversity in Tradition