Behind A Thousand Names  -  Talks on the Nirvan Upanishad

Behind A Thousand Names - Talks on the Nirvan Upanishad

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 422
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788176211888


Osho loves the Nirvan Upanishad because it is so revolutionary – revolutionary because it insists that the only way to experience true awareness is to go beyond all systems of morality. Maybe this startling message is the reason why Osho’s Community on this Upanishad is the first that has ever been made.

Speaking at a Meditation camp in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, Osho shows that the real experience of truth is something way beyond the many names we may call it or claim to know it by. It is only to be found behind a thousand names, only to found by those prepared “to bow down to that which you wish to become.”
This book is in inspiration to start that quest.

“There is no statement as revolutionary as this to be found anywhere else, in any scripture.”
--- OSHO

Osho is in a category all of his own, and as he states. “I am nobody. I don’t belong to nay nation, I don’t belong to any religion, I don’t belong to any political party. I am simply an individual, the way existence created me.

I have kept myself absolutely uninfluenced by any idiotic ideology – religious, Political, Social, Financial. And the miracle is that because I am not burdened with all these glasses on my eyes, and curtains before me, I can see clearly.”

“I am sharing this with you in the hope that you will also begin your own journey to nirvana, that you will continue to flow towards it.”



Chapter 1: The Seed’s Prayer

Chapter 2: Paramhansa: The Supreme Swan

Chapter 3: Only Knowing Remains

Chapter 4: The Light of Twelve Suns

Chapter 5: Awareness Is His Protection

Chapter 6: Longing for Beyond the Beyond

Chapter 7: Meditation Is the Way

Chapter 8: Behind a Thousand Names

Chapter 9: Shunya: The Divine Source

Chapter 10: Only For Bliss

Chapter 11: The Right Use of Power

Chapter 12: The Attitude of the Sky

Chapter 13: Turiya: The Fourth

Chapter 14: He Shatters All Illusions

Chapter 15: The Vision of Nirvana

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