The Life of Sri Aurobindo

The Life of Sri Aurobindo

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Author: A B Purani
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Year: 1978
Language: English
Pages: 441
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788170580805


The details of Sri Aurobindo's outer life as poet, scholar, politician and journalist, literary critic, and philosopher have always intrigued readers. One of the first biographies was this one by A.B. Purani, an early disciple, whose straightforward account includes Research material, correspondence and personal reminiscences.

The Narrative of Sri Aurobindo's life in his own words is especially inspiring and the long account of his Political life tells a fascinating story.

"But over and above his Solid contribution to literature and the struggle for freedom, he has given a loftier Vision to the modern world-the vision of man's destiny of divine life on earth."



Part I:
1. Family
2. Childhood and Education
3. Baroda
4. In Indian Politics
5. Beginning of Yoga
6. In Alipore Jail and After
7. Chandernagore
8. Departure for Pondicherry

Part II:
9. Pondicherry: 1910-1926

Part III:
10. Pondicherry: 1927-1950

Part IV:
11. Sri Aurobindo on Himself


I. That Pondicherry-Again!
II. Dilip Kumar Roy's Interview
III. The Address Delivered by Professor Ghose at the College Social Gathering
IV. Data on Birthplace
V. Correspondence Relating to Sri Aurobindo's I.C.S. Examination
VI. Houses in England
VII. Houses in Baroda
VIII. Houses Sri Aurobindo Lived in and Offices He Was Connected with in Calcutta
IX. Biography of Sri Aurobindo by Kulkarni-A Criticism
X. Biography of Sri Aurobindo by Girija Shankar Roy Chowdhury-A Criticism
XI. Hemchandra Kanungo's Work-A Criticism
XII. Biography of Sri Aurobindo by Jyotish Chandra Ghosh


I. Periodicals with Which Sri Aurobindo Was Associated
II. Books by Sri Aurobindo
III. Contents of the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library



1. Darshan (24 April 1950)
2. Sri Aurobindo in England
3. House in Manchester
4. Saint Paul's School, London (North Front about 1886)
5. Sri Aurobindo's Room, King's Lane, Cambridge
6. King's Lane, Cambridge
7. Sri Aurobindo in Baroda
8. Sri Aurobindo Presiding over a Meeting at Surat, December 1907
9. Sri Aurobindo with Nationalist Leaders at Surat, December 1907
10. Khaserao Jadhav's Bungalow, Baroda
11. Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry
12. The Mother
13. Sri Aurobindo
14. Sri Aurobindo
15. Sri Aurobindo (April 1950)
16. Sri Aurobindo (Mahasamadhi, December 1950)
17. Sri Aurobindo's Samadhi
18. Sri Aurobindo Ashram