Spiritually Incorrect  -  Finding God in All the Wrong Places

Spiritually Incorrect - Finding God in All the Wrong Places

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Author: Dan Wakefield
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Marian Del Vecchio
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129118530


Spirituality is full of rules. You need to find your own way straight through them.

Some people claim that you cannot truly achieve spiritual fulfillment if you're not a vegetarian. Some say you'll never find the path if you don't learn yoga. And some would insist that any display of vanity--cosmetic surgery! hair mousse!--is a sign that inner peace is way out of your reach.

With great candor and humor (much of it irreverent!), Dan Wakefield's Spiritually Incorrect shows that there are as many ways to find spiritual fulfillment as there are individual seekers. Part memoir, part essay, part whimsical illustration from his own life, Wakefield's reflections break down the barriers that lie in the way of spiritual fulfillment, showing you that rules were made to be broken, and how it's possible--and imperative--for you to discover a rewarding spiritual life that fits your own personality, your own path.

In this age of political correctness and watching what we say, award-winning author Dan Wakefield dares to ask the risky (and Sometimes hilarious questions about spirituality:

1. Why is poverty sacred, wealth profane?
2. Can a Coffee house be a scared space?
3. Does Yoga Make you a Hindu?
4. Can a Man pray in Public and still be “Macho”?
5. Does eating a Steak really taint your Soul?
6. Who in Our Lives and Our Modern Day World Deserves to be Canonised as a saint?



I. A Guide to Spiritual Incorrectness
1. Does God Care if You Drive a Convertible?
2. My Spiritually Incorrect Journey back to God

II. The Spiritually Incorrect Outlook
3. Hearing Voices
4. Is Poverty Sacred, Wealth Profane?
5. A Vote for Women as Ministers
6. Spirited Pets
7. The Coffee House as Sacred Space
8. Sexual Orientation and the Spirit
9. Is God in A Tree?
10. Needed: One Spiritual Emergency
11. Macho Men at Prayer
12. Speaking in Tongues
13. New Age, New Opportunities

III. The Spiritually Incorrect Body
14. Many Roads to Recovery
15. When Prozac Spells Relief
16. Soul Food?
17. Spa Spiritually
18. Does Yoga Make You A Hindu?

IV. Profiles of Spiritually Incorrect Lives
19. Who Do You Think is a Saint?
20. Can A Greenwich Village Radical Become a Saint?: Dorothy Day
21. A Monk in Love: Thomas Merton
22. The Spiritual Legacy of a Pagan: C. Wright Mills
23. We Have the Power to Change: Werner Erhard
24. Communicating with The Unseen: Ollah Toph
25. Clear Vision: Reynolds Price
26. Be Old Now: Ram Dass
27. Rowing Toward God: Anne Sexton
28. A Believing Nonbeliever: Leonard Kriegel
29. Better Than Church Spires: Norm Eddy
30. He Takes no Prisoners: Henri Nouwen

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