The Whole Being  -  A Journey towards Harmony & Happiness

The Whole Being - A Journey towards Harmony & Happiness

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Author: Rishi Kumar Mishra
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 273
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129118905


Fragmentation is the cause of all Confusion and conflict and, ultimately, of human unhappiness. Despite our familiarity in the modern world with a state of fragmentation, a deeper impulse in us seeks wholeness, and hence much thought, discussion and debate occur around this subject.

The Whole Being attempts to draw the portrait of a whole being as distinct from a fragmented being. It explores ways to arrest the fragmentation process at the conceptual level as well as at the level of the deeper consciousness. In the course of this endeavour, it examines different stages of life cycle, three states of consciousness, and how human beings and nature embrace each other in a spirit of wholeness.

The book thus helps its readers to comprehend the whole, rediscover their own inner wholeness, and embark on the journey to enduring happiness and harmony in the outer world.

Some vital sections include the profound explication of wholeness articulated by the Vedic seer-scientists (rishis), as well as the understandings of wholeness in Kashmiri Shaivism and in Buddhism.

The author introduces us to a few courageous modern scientists who contrasted the prevailing attempt to divide that which is really indivisible with the wholeness inherent in nature. He also explores in depth the fundamental and commonly misunderstood principle of varna, and the holistic inter-relationships of sound, word, speech and meaning.

The need of the hour is for people of wisdom, as mere knowledge without wisdom to guide us in the us in the utilization of that knowledge will only make for greater sorrow. This work is offered as a contribution towards the wisdom of our world.


Section 1 – Prologue
Section 2 – The Whole Being

Section 3

1. Engaging with Wholeness
2. Beginning with I
3. From Body to Consciousness
4. Continuity and Change
5. Reflections

Section 4

6. Wholeness in Kashmiri Shaivism
7. Introduction
8. Universe – The All-encompassing Unity
9. Consciousness – Individual and Universal
10. Flavor of Oneness
11. Individuals and Infinity – The Role of Mind

Section 5

12. The Buddhist Perspective
13. Introduction
14. Wholeness and Interconnectedness
15. Interdependence, Shunyata and Karma

Section 6

16. Wholeness in the Modern World
17. Introduction
18. Wholeness in Nature – Goethe’s Perspective
19. The Hologram and other Examples
20. David Bohm – From Radicalism to Wholeness
21. Living Energies and Nature – Notes on the Work of Viktor Schauberger

Section 7

22. The Workings of Wholeness in Our World
23. Sound and Communication
24. The Principle and Application of Varna

Section 8

25. Epilogue

Appendix 1 – The Fabric of Wholeness (from elements to Universal Consciousness)
Appendix 2 – A Brief Biography of Abhinavagupta