Sufism  -  The Heart of Islam

Sufism - The Heart of Islam

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Author: Sadia Dehlvi
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2010
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 384
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172238162


Sufism says Sadia Dehlvi is the preserved spiritual path that forms the heart of Islam.

In this engaging narrative dealing mainly with the subcontinent, she draws on a range of Muslim texts and traditions to show that Sufism is not an innovation, but the continuity of a thought process that links Muslims to their religious predecessors all the way to Prophet Muhammad.

The book delves into the remarkable lives of the early Sufis, their literature, and their philosophies that emphasize the purification of the heart. It highlights the major Sufi orders, their popularity in the subcontinent and the impact of the teachings of the Sufi Masters on the devotional aspect of Islam.

From the early days of Islam to the modern-day concerns of militant ideologies, the author picks up each strand of religious debate to explore its history and its implications for human civilization, and in the process offers an insightful assessment of the complex relationship of Sufism with both Muslim and non-Muslim societies.


“Sadia Dehlvi offers here a garland of Sufi poems, stories, sayings and calligraphic expression, conveying the attraction of the Sufi path. Readers drawn to spirituality and mysticism will find much to savour.”
--- Carl W. Ernst, Director, Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations, University of North Carolina.

“A refreshing look at Islam through Sadia Delhlvi’s personal journey in discovering her faith. This timely book is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand Islam in general or Sufism in particular. In a blend of history, politics, sociology and spirituality, the book urges you to reflect on the sensitivities of a religion that is impacting the world today.”
--- Khushwant Singh, Columnist and Author

“Sadia Dehlvi’s book engages with the Sufis, unfolding their role in religion and society. It brings to the fore an important facet of Islam in South Asia. A well-written and thought-provoking account, it’s a welcome addition to the existing literature on the eclectic and composite world of the Sufis.”
--- Mushirul Hasan, Historian and Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Preface: My Tryst with Sufis

Surah Fatihah: The opening Chapter
In Praise of the Lord
Fragrances Perceived upon the Prophet’s Birthday
A Celebratory Tribute to Prophet Muhammad
Qasidah Al Burdah: The poem of the Cloak
Some Class Definitions of Sufism

1. The Foundations of Sufism
2. The Essence of the Sufi Experience
3. The Early Sufis
4. The Forrmation of Sufi Orders
5. The Way of the Sufi
6. Disharmony within Islam


7. The Mystic Dialogue
8. The Chishtis
9. The Suharwardis
10. The Qadris
11. The Naqshbandis
12. The Rishis
13. Other Orders

14. The Wisdom of the Sufis
15. A Selection of Sufi Poetry
16. Hadith
17. Quran Verses

The Most Beautiful Names
The Noble Names
The Islamic Calendar
Sufi Terminology

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