Revolutionary Gandhi

Revolutionary Gandhi

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Author: Pannalal Dasgupta
Publisher: Earthcare Book
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 490
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788185861425


Pannalal Dasgupta (aka Panna Babu) wrote the Bengali original of this outstanding, insightful book on Gandhi in 1954-55, when imprisoned in the Alipore Central Jail.

An indomitable revolutionary himself, this Revolutionary Communist Party realized that Gandhi was indeed a revolutionary extraordinary, who sought a radical change in the human condition, which could not be brought about without causing a ferment in society. The rebel-revolutionary was Metamorphosed into a Totally different kind of revolutionary.

Gandhi was a dreamer, but also a man of action par excellence. His revolution was unique in that it had to be non-violent, and had, at every step, to be tested on ‘the touchstone of truth’. “Truth is God,” he declared. His enquiry pervaded all fields of life: food, agriculture, education, health, society, man-woman relationship, cottage industry, uplift of the downtrodden, religion, politics, struggle, and above all, human freedom.

The book delves deep into Gandhiji’s personality to understand his spiritual quest, which he insisted was an intrinsic part of his political activity. In a strikingly original chapter, Panna Babu examines Gandhi’s views in the light of Marxism, and Marxian thought and action from the Gandhian perspective.

He regrets that the Indian leftists failed to recognize Gandhi as a true revolutionary and an incomparable leader of the Indian masses. That was a historical blunder.

Entire chapters are devoted to Gandhiji’s relationship with Rabindranath Tagore, and with Subhas Bose; as also to his views on Hindu-Muslim unity, constructive programme, economics and ethics, and trusteeship.

In the end, the issue of Gandhism – and whether there is something as Gandhism – is incisively discussed, including the relevance of Gandhi in modern times. Doubtless, he raised many fundamental questions to which no ideology or ‘ism’ has yet been able to furnish a satisfactory answer.


Foreword to the Bengali First Edition by Pannalal Dasgupta
Foreword to the Bengali Second Edition by Pannalal Dasgupta
Translator’s Introduction by K V Shyamali Khastagir

1. Gandhi and Truth
2. Gandhi, God and Religion
3. Ahimsa (Non – Violence)
4. Satyagraha
5. Satyagraha vs. Duragraha
6. Constructive Programme
7. Hindu-Muslim Unity
8. Charkha, Cottage Industry, Swadeshi etc.
9. Economics and Ethics
10. Nai Talim (New Education)
11. Gandhi and Rabindranath
12. Gandhi and Subhas Bose
13. Harijans, Adivasis and Workers
14. Trusteeship
15. Uplift of Indian Women
16. Gandhi and the Individual
17. Gandhi and History
18. Gandhism