Self - Healing Smile Yoga

Self - Healing Smile Yoga

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Author: Park Jae Woo
Publisher: Su Jok Academy
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 132
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190208444


The Main Framework of Smile Yoga has been established on the basis of Smile meditation and Triorigin principle for body postures and motions form the experiences of Twist Therapy.

This book is a unique work of Prof. Park, Jae Woo, presenting a new simple and effective approach to achieve treatment and prevention of diseases as well as self-perfection, simply by performing orderly body postures and motions with smile based on smile yoga and smile meditation development on the basis of fundamental Triorigin theory conceptualized by him.



Chapter I: Introduction to Self-Healing Smile Yoga

A. Spiral Systems of the Body

B. Smile System and Smile Meditation

Chapter-Il Spiral System and Healing Yoga Postures

1. Diagnosis Smile Yoga

A. Direction Diagnosis Yoga

(1) Regular Four Direction Diagnosis Yoga

(2) Intermediate Four Directions Diagnosis Yoga

B. Twist Diagnosis Yoga

(1) Upper Oblique Twist Diagnosis Yoga

(2) Down Oblique Twist Diagnosis Yoga

(3) Horizontal Twist Diagnosis Yoga

(4) Stretching Twist Diagnosis Yoga

(5) Bend-Contraction Twist Diagnosis Yoga

2. Prescription Smile Yoga

A. Fixed Posture Prescription Smile Yoga

(1) Relax Posture Prescription Smile Yoga

(2) Normal Posture Prescription Smile Yoga

(3) Elastic Posture Prescription Smile Yoga

B. Motion Posture Prescription Smile Yoga

(1) One Directional Fast Motion Posture Prescription Yoga

(2) Both Directional Soft Motions Posture Prescription Yoga.

(3) Free Directional Effortless Motion Posture Prescription Yoga

3. Practice of Diagnosis and Prescription Yoga

A. Diagnosis Yoga and Prescription Yoga for Head, Neck and Trunk

(1) Neuto Prescription Smile Yoga

(2) Neutro Prescription Smile Yoga

(3) Hetero Prescription Smile Yoga

(4) Homo Prescription Smile Yoga

B. Diagnosis and Prescription Smile Yoga for Arms and Legs

(1) Arm Diagnosis and Prescription Smile Yoga

(2) Leg Diagnosis and Prescription Smile Yoga

4. Disease Cases of Prescription Smile Yoga

A. Body Diseases

(1) Cold

(2) Fever and Fatigue

(3) Headache, Head and Neck Diseases

(4) Heart Diseases

(5) Coughing, Lung and Respiratory Diseases

(6) Chest Diseases

(7) Shoulder Diseases

(8) Lumbago Pain & Spinal Disc Diseases

(9) Abdomen Diseases

(10) Constipation

(11) Diarrhea

(12) Hypertension, Blood Circulation Disorders

(13) Abdomen Pain, Indigestion

(14) Urinary Diseases

(15) Internal Organs Diseases

B. Emotional and Mental Diseases

(1) Prescription Smile Yoga of Head and Neck Spiral Twist

(2) Prescription Smile Yoga of Whole Body Spiral Twist

(3) Prescription Smile Yoga of Internal Organ Spiral Twist

Chapter IIl: Smile Meditationand Healing Smile Yoga

A. Smile Meditation to the Self

(1) Mind Smile Meditation (Hetero)

(2) Body Smile Meditation (Homo)

(3) Soul Smile Meditation (Neuto)

(4) Life Smile Yoga (Neutro)

B. Smile Meditation Towards the Origin Smile

C. Smile Meditation to All Existences

D. Smile Meditation for Realization of the Smile World

Chapter IV: Postures and Motions of Smile Yoga

1. Lying Postures Smile Yoga (Neuto)

A. Preparation (Initial) State Smile Yoga

B. First Stage Smile Yoga

C. Second Stage Smile Yoga

D. Third Stage Smile Yoga

E. Fourth Stage Smile Yoga

F. Completion Stage Smile Yoga

G. Connection Stage Smile Yoga for Sitting Smile Yoga

2. Sitting Postures Smile Yoga (Homo or Hetero)

A. Initial Stage Smile Yoga

B. First Stage Smile Yoga

C. Second Stage Smile Yoga

D. Third Stage Smile Yoga

E. Completion Stage Smile Yoga

F. Connection Posture to Knee Standing Smile Yoga

3. Knee Standing Posture Smile Yoga (Neutro Or Homo)

A. First Stage Smile Yoga

B. Second Stage Smile Yoga

C. Third Stage Smile Yoga

D. Completion Stage Smile Yoga

E. Connection Stage for Standing Smile Yoga

4. Standing Posture Smile Yoga (Hetero or Neutro)

A. Initial Stage Smile Yoga (Neuto)

B. First Stage Smile Yoga (Hetero)

C. Second Stage Smile Yoga (Homo)

D. Third Stage Smile Yoga (Neutro)

E. Completion Stage Smile Yoga (Infininte Neuto)

5. Moving Motion Smile Yoga (Neutro)

A. Straight Motions

B. Spin Motions

C. Infininte Motions Near Face

D. Upper Infinite Motions

E. Long Infinite Motion

F. Open Palm Straight Motions

G. Body Motions

H. Soft Fist Motions at Diaphragm Level

I. Finishing Motions