Rope - Snake /  Pot  - Space

Rope - Snake / Pot - Space

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Author: Suraksha Giri
Publisher: Writers Workshop
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-8157-981-X


The ideas introduced in the first part of the book do not provide an answer but facilitate each one of us to think out our own solutions, based on one's own personal experiences.

To know how to distinguish between the perceptions of the "menacing snake" seen on the Rope when waking in the dark or in poor light and the knowledge through validated analysis that confirms it is only a rope.

The illusion of the "snake" disappears, as it is resolved in the light of the validated knowledge. We know that the earth is round, but our perception shows it as flat. We place our feet on the ground as though it was flat and this does not cancel the knowledge that the earth is round.

We continue with our perceptions but we need no longer escalate the perception of illusions into an emotional drama of sensations that dictates our thinking. What is suggested here in these essays is in "seeing" that knowledge which is based on personal experience...

The second part of this book "pot- Space" celebrates the Vision of "Being". When I "see", then I recognize the unique Oneness, which runs through everything in this creation however intricate or simple the design. The example to illustrate this is the pot and Space "Ghatakasa is Chidakasa".

The space in the pot is the same as the Space everywhere. When the pot is broken it is not as if the space inside joins with the space outside. There is no inside outside for Space. For some time a pot defined it, the pot breaks, Space Is. Our Being is eternal a part of the Total Reality. For a while we have a name and form. When these drop off, Being is.



A. Rope-snake

1. Start from where I am (Folk Lore)
2. Seven Sisters
3. Desire
4. Happiness
5. Where is it (story)
6. The Pilgrimage to the Self
7. Conscious Thinking
8. A short discussion between Master & Seeker
9. Am I bound (story)
10. Matter and Spirit
11. Movement
12. My best friend
13. Treasure
14. Here & Now
15. Where has the wisdom gone

B. Pot-Space

16. Guru Purnima at Tiruvannamalai
17. Sat
18. Trishna
19. Flight Path
20. Vision
21. Happiness
22. Tracks
23. Life
24. What is THAT by knowing which all is known
25. Bird Song
26. Love
27. He is everything. He is not in Anything
28. Isvara
29. The Language of Happiness
30. O Sons of Bharat
31. The Language of God
32. Poplar Trees
33. Immortality
34. Visitors
35. The Game
36. Wake Up Call
37. Anubhav Swarupa
38. The Word