Sri Ramakrishna  -  Myriad Facets

Sri Ramakrishna - Myriad Facets

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Author: Sri Ramakrishna
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 429
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Thirty-two articles revealing various aspects of Sri Ramakrishna's extraordinary personality and the significance of his advent.

From the book:

Sri Ramakrishna had the divine power to transmit spirituality to others and lift them to higher states of consciousness. This he would do either by thought, power or touch. Like Swami Vivekananda many of us used to visit him and had the privilege of being lifted to higher planes of consciousness according to our capacities.

I myself had the privilege of attaining to that high spiritual consciousness (Samadhi) thrice by his touch and wish during his lifetime. I am living still to bear direct testimony to his great spiritual powers. It was neither hypnotism, nor a mere state of deep sleep inasmuch as such realizations brought about changes of character and outlook, which were more or less permanent.
--- Swami Shivananda


Publisher’s Note

Section One

1. Sri Ramakrishna – Swami Shivananda
2. Sri Ramakrishna and the Unity of Religion – Swami Tejasananda
3. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna – Swami Lokeswarananda
4. Human Aspects of Sri Ramakrishna – Swami Balabhadrananda
5. Sri Ramakrishna : The Seer of Truth – Swami Balabhadrananda
6. Sri Ramakrishna was Unique – Swami Gitatmananda
7. Sri Ramakrishna, Kali and Holy Mother – Swami Sunirmalananda
8. Avatarahood of Sri Ramakrishna – Swami Ritananda
9. Religion – What it Meant to Sri Ramakrishna – Swami Atmabodhananda

Section Two

10. The Significance of Ramakrishna in the History of Religions – Satkari Mookerjee
11. Sri Ramakrishna as Teacher and Storyteller – Pranab Ranjan Ghosh
12. Ramakrishna and the India Renaissance – Donald H. Bishop
13. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: A Saint with A Difference – Sushil Kumar Mukherjee
14. Sri Ramakrishna – Simplicity with Profundity: Bimal Krishna Matilal
15. Ramakrishna’s Message for the Modern Age – R. K. Das Gupta
16. Uniqueness of Sri Ramakrishna’s Life and Religion – Haridas Mukherjee
17. Sri Ramakrishna and One-World Idea – Sibajibam Bhattacharyya
18. Social Percepts of Sri Ramakrishna – Nemai Sadhan Bose
19. Mother-Worship and Sri Ramakrishna – Nirod Baran Chakraborty
20. Social Significance of Sri Ramakrishna’s Life and Teachings – Santana Mukherjee
21. Sri Ramakrishna and the National Movement in India – Hiltrud Rustau
22. Sri Ramakrishna, The Epitome of Advaita: - Joy Bharracharyya
23. Sri Ramakrishna Most Divine when thou art Most Human – Susan Walters
24. Sri Ramakrishna, The Eternal Companion – Swaraj Mazumdar
25. Sri Ramakrishna – The Spiritual Guide – Richard Schiffman
26. Sri Aurobindo on Sri Ramakrishna – Amal Kumar De
27. At the Feet of the Master – Dipa Bandyopadhyay
28. Sri Ramakrishna the Commoner as Avatara – Visvanath Chatterjee
29. Divine Duality of Holy Mother and Sri Ramakrihna – Minati Kar
30. Sri Ramakrishna and Aesthetics – C.S. Radhakrishnan
31. The Spiritual Life of Ramakrishna and His Gospel in the Light of Kashmir Shaivism – Debabrata Sen Sharma
32. Sri Ramakrishna – The Real Image of A Man – K.K. Sen
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