Conservation of Indian Miniatures and Illustrated Manuscripts

Conservation of Indian Miniatures and Illustrated Manuscripts

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Author: A S Bisht
Publisher: Om Publications
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788186867969


Miniature Paintings in India got their inspiration from the Illustrated Manuscripts which were their source initially. These Art works are scattered in various Indian collections and even abroad. These may be in individual possession or possession of various institutes Governmental or nongovernmental.

Many Organizations and individuals, therefore, need a comprehensive book to take care of their valuable holdings. This book fulfils this Demand since they would find Solutions for their problems at one place.

There are seven chapters which can answer their queries related to conservation of this specialized group of art works. This book would be a guide for all students of conservation, art History and museology and conservation personnel working in various Institutions dealing in Heritage management.

The book mainly deals with the practical aspect of conservation of Miniatures and illustrated manuscripts under the guidance of experts in the Beginning till others also get confidence to treat them independently.

The readers would be helped by sharing the long experience of the author gained by him during the span of more than five decades of practical and Scientific work.

This book, therefore, is expected to Help even those who have been in the profession for some time now and need some more basic information to improve upon their techniques as per latest thinking on the subject.

Even though the subject scientific but the author in his usual way to make Things simple and lucid which could be understood even by non scientific personnel as his approach is of application of Science and not of pure science which other readers having scientific attitude in life would benifit from.



1. Introduction :
i. Tradition
ii. History of Miniatures
iii. Survey of Traditional Living Artists

2. Materials and Techniques of Miniatures :
i. Use of Gold
ii. Scientific Study
iii. Varieties of Paper
iv. Chemical Requirements
v. Physical Requirements
vi. Aging Test
vii. Iron Gall Ink

3. Deterioration :
i. Defects in the Support :
a. Problem of Foxing
b. Acid Deterioration of Paper
c. All around Decay due to Acidity
d. Oxidation of Cellulose
e. Enzyme Degradation
f. Mechanical Damage

ii. Defects in the Ground Layer
iii. Defects in the Paint

4. Examination and Documentation
5. Conservation :
i. Miniature Conservation in India-Overview
ii. Facilities for Conservation
iii. Preservative Coatings
iv. Neutralization of Acidity
v. Removal of old Repairs
vi. Removal of Stains
vii. Treatment against Biodeterioration
viii. Consolidation of Support :
a. Full Lining
b. Strip Lining

ix. Retouching
x. Keeping in Mounts
xi. Prevention form Acid Attack

6. Preventive Conservation :
i. Collective Approach
ii. Some Unsolved Problems :
a. Problems of Deacidfication
b. Reversibility
c. Problem of Written Text
d. Identification of Miniatures and Painted Artifactse. Problem of Biodeterioration

iii. Monitoring the Health of Artifacts Painted
iv. Research in Conservation Practices
v. Treatment Procedure
vi. Dating of Miniatures
vii. Possible Dating of Miniatures through Computer
viii. Conclusions

7. Case Studies :
i. Jaipur School Painting
ii. Indian Illustrated Manuscript Leaf
iii. Miniatures in Danger
iv. Saha Namah-A Persian Manuscript
v. Conservation of Drawings on Parchment
vi. Problem of an Important Collection