When Corporations Rule The World

When Corporations Rule The World

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Author: David C Korten
Publisher: Other India Press
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 374
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185569371


A product of an international collaboration, this book is an alarming expose of the devastating consequences of economic globalization and a passionate message of hope.


This is a 'must-read' book - a searing indictment of an unjust international economic order, not by a wild-eyed idealistic left-winger, but by a sober scion of the establishment with impeccable credentials. It left me devastated but also very hopeful. Something can be done to create a more just economic order.
- - Archbishop Desmond M Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

If you can read only one book on how to address the enormous challenges of our time, this is it...Korten weaves together a devastating critique of the tyranny of the global economy with an arsenal of well-argued alternatives to offer an empowering agenda for change.
- - John Cavanagh, Fellow Institute for Policy Studies

From the vantage point of the year 2000, this may well be judged the most important book of the 1990s. It is an eye-opener, which, in a nerve-touching way, clearly depicts the role of business in a changing world. Every business leader should read it.
- - Rolf Osterberg, former Chairman, Swedish Newpapers Association .

If you work in a business, or know someone who does, this book is required reading. Korten defines the business agenda for the next 20 years, and he does it thoughtfully and from the heart.
- - Peter Block, author of Stewardship and The Empowered Manager

David Korten's book is creating an intellectual framework for dealing with the issues of the entry of humankind into the 21st century.
- - Klaus Schwab, Founder and President, World Economic Forum