Universal History of Music

Universal History of Music

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Author: Sourindro Mohun Tagore
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 354+
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175361565


This work furnishes an account of music of various nations.

It is generally accepted that most countries have a music of their own, the character of which may be called national. National music means a faithful expression of national feelings, and these feelings are best manifested under circumstances that are not controlled by extraneous influences.

The study of the music of various nations is advantageous to the musician for a number of reasons. They variety of rhythm and modulation and the deep and beautiful expression that prevail in some of the melodies may present to the student excellent models in composition. The study is important from an ethnological point of view, as it affords him an insight into the inward man and displays the character and temperament of different races, and the relation they bear to one another. It is also important from historical standpoint, for it shows the different stages of progress which music has made in different countries.

A reprint of the book originally published in 1896.