Night of Destiny

Night of Destiny

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Author: David Bolland
Publisher: Other India Press
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 700
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185569096


Once in a hundred years comes a novel as grand, vast and daring as Night of Destiny.

The time-scale of its narrative is stupendous: it commences twenty billion years ago and terminates probing the future million years yet to come, even as humankind, relapsed once again into its savage state, expires from the face of the earth.

The novel's hero is Nat Ranji. An innocent lad from Grenada, Ranji is chosen by the gods to execute a final masterplan designed by them, to save humankind from the unimaginable and ho-meless degradation into which it has sunk.

To pursue his task, Ranji leaves this native shores and visits every corner of the earth. He somehow gets himself placed on the staff of the powerful joint States Organization (UN), the World Development Authority(World Bank) and later the World Monetary Union (IMF) which he soon discovers are calmly perpetrating the cruelest, most reprehensible trickery on an unsuspecting and pliant world.

During his sojourn with these supra-national institutions, sunk in the worship of Honeypot Lust, Ranji's eyes are opened and he stumbles on the missing link in man's contemporary dilemma - a missing link the gods themselves had sought frantically to find without success. Armed with this knowledge, he seeks a dramatic dismantling of the Prevailing World Economic Order of which the JSO, WDA and WMU are a part.

Night of Destiny is a major literary expression of the growing chorus of worldwide condemnation of the IMF/Word Bank for unspeakable crimes against humanity.