Western Seekers on Sri Ramana Maharshi - Fresh Discoveries

Western Seekers on Sri Ramana Maharshi - Fresh Discoveries

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Author: Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): A R Natarajan
Publisher: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 142
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188261297


This book is a run through of the timeless presence of Ramana. It begins in 1935 and continues in the post-nirvana period, till date.

Its fascination springs from the fact that the narrations are direct communications of one’s feeling, when one is overwhelmed by Ramana’s massive silence and love. It is a one to one relationship, which recalls for the reader, those memorable scenes and their ecstatic joy.

The writers are from varied backgrounds and their writings are spread over fifty years. These ‘Writings’ therefore, bring home to its reader’s the “continuous presence” of Ramana.

Why the title “Fresh Discoveries”? Accessibility of “Writings” has been the criteria. But for this publication, these writings might not be available now or in the future.


Part I – Early Writings

1. Turn Eastwards – Pascaline Mallet
2. Here Lies the Heart – Mercedes De Acosta
3. The Hill of Fire – Monica Bose

Part II – Musings – Sunyata

4. Musing on Sri Ramana Maharshi
5. Conceit of Agency
6. We are always Awareness
7. Sunya Experiencing – I
8. Sunya Experiencing – II
9. The Supreme Silence

Part III – Living in the Presence

10. Living in the Presence of the Infinite – Thelma Rappold
11. Ramana Reminiscences-I – Jack Dawson
12. Ramana Reminiscences-II – Madeline Mande
13. Ramana Reminiscences-III – Robert Adams
14. Ramana Reminiscences-IV – Lucia Osborne
15. The Many Sides of Ramana – Dr. David Frawley

Part IV – Timeless Presence

16. Timeless Presence – Master Nome