Exploring Yoga and Cancer

Exploring Yoga and Cancer

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Author: Swami Yogapratap
Publisher: Yoga Publications Trust
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 267
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788186336830


Exploring Yoga and Cancer Applies the insights of Modern Medical Science and Yogic Understanding. An in-depth analysis is provided of how cancer develops, including at the subtle levels of being, the principles supporting yogic cancer management, and how yoga practices work to help reverse and manage the effects of cancer.

This book explains what cancer is and how it forms, and looks at the various causes. It examines how the Yoga practices work to aid those with cancer. Detailed advice and information to assist thr formation of yogic management plans for different people with different types of cancers is offered. The final section presents an introduction to research in he field of yoga and cancer.



I. The Nature and Causes of Cancer

1. Yoga, Disease and Cancer – An Introduction
2. Cancer – An Overview
3. Understanding Cancer
4. The Molecular Basis of Cancer Development
5. Nutrition and its Role in Cancer
6. Stress and Cancer

II. How Yoga Practices Work

7. A Fresh Perspective on Cancer Management
8. Applied Yogic Anatomy
9. Yogic Cancer Management – Criteria and Parameters
10. Useful Yogic Practices – An Overview
11. Asana, Pranayama and Prana Vidya
12. Shatkarma or Detoxification
13. Bandha and Mudra
14. Yoga Nidra and Prana Nidra
15. Yama and Niyama
16. ANtar Mouna, Ajapa Japa, Nada Yoga, Visualization
17. Some Higher Yogic Practices
18. Diet and Lifestyle
19. Amaroli

III. Managing cancer With Yoga

20. Cancer Management – A Practical Consideration
21. Session – 1 Shatkarmas or Detoxification
22. Session – 2 Asana and Pranayama
23. Session – 3 Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya
24. Session – 4 Guided Imagery or Visualization
25. Session – 5 Diet and Lifestyle
26. Oropharyngeal Cancer
27. Lung Cancer
28. Breast Cancer
29. Colorectal Cancer
30. Skin Cancer
31. Vedic and Tantric Practices for Cancer Management
32. People Dying with Cancer
33. A List of Asanas and Pranayamas

IV. Introduction to Yoga and Cancer Research

34. Yoga and Cancer Research – A comparative Analysis Sample


Appendix 1 – Some Useful Mantras
Appendix 2 – Some Common Yantras
Appendix 3 – Can one Prevent Cancer?