Crisis in the Muslim Mind

Crisis in the Muslim Mind

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Author: AbdulHamid A AbuSulayman
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
Publisher: Institute of Objective Studies
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 163
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-904773-0-7


Across the Muslim world today, if any-thing is self-evident, it is that the Ummah is badly in need of reform. On this point it can be stated with confidence that Muslims are agreed. Poverty and injustice characterize the face of Muslim lands from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Pollution and corruption are the order of the day in the societies where the gulf between them and the developed countries of the world has never been wider. Politics in the Muslim world are all too often the politics of desperation, economics the economics of deprivation, and culture the culture of despair.

Crisis in the Muslim Mind examines the intellectual and historical roots of the malaise that has overspread the Ummah and threatens to efface its identity. First published in Arabic in 1991 this important work (in an abridged English translation) is designed to familiarize educated and concerned Muslims with the nature of the Crisis confronting them, and to suggest the steps necessary to overcome it.


Preface to the Arabic Edition
Preface to the English Edition

Chapter One

1. Contemporary Islamic Asalah – The only Solution
2. The Historical Roots of the Crisis
3. The Crux of the Crisis and the Future of the Ummah

Chapter Two

4. The Traditional Methodology of Islamic Thought – Assessment and Critique
5. Shari’ah and Non-Shari’ah Sciences
6. Neglect of the Social Sciences
7. The Conflict between Reason and Revelation Our Intellectual Heritage
8. Past, Present, and Future

Chapter Three

9. Principles in the Methodology of Islamic Thought
10. The Basic Concepts – The Purposeful Nature of Creation
11. Objectivity of Truth
12. Freedom
13. Tawakkul
14. Causality
15. Islamic Methodology – Means and Application

Chapter Four

16. Requirements for Establishing the Islamic Civilization Sciences
17. Classifying Islamic Texts
18. Dimensions of Existence
19. The Impartiality of Truth

Chapter Five

20. The Premises of the Social Science
21. Islamization and the Science of Education
22. Islamization and Political Science
23. Islam, Science, and Technology

Chapter Six

24. Islam and the Future
25. Islamization and Academic Institutions
26. The Future Course of Humanity
27. Islamization is the Issue of the Ummah