Shri auspicious beginning (CD-ROM)

Shri auspicious beginning (CD-ROM)

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Author: Munsai Multimedia
Publisher: BPB Multimedia
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Discover the path of wisdom and success, through our The Sacred India series. Bringing you the first multimedia CD-ROM in this series, Shree Ganesh ... an auspicious beginning. This CD is divided into six main modules, it also has a Glossary of Sanskrit words, and a Clipart.

Myths & Beliefs

Stories about Ganesha, his birth,his vehicle and many more. Enjoy all such myths about Ganesha, depicted with colorful graphics and text. Witness devotees fulfilling their Navas' to Ganesha - a promise to Ganesha, in exchange for a favor.


Journey through the eight pilgrim centers of Ganesha in Maharashtra - the Ashtavinayak.Gather information about the story behind the foundation, location of the temple, and more. Festivals Participate in the auspicious festivities of Ganesha. Rejuvenate your social and cultural life. Celebrate the unique Pune festival, which encompasses many cultural and sports events.Also know the importance of Ganesh Janma.

Pilgrim Centers

Go on a pilgrimage to the most important temples of Ganesha all over India, bow to his idol, learn about the story behind the foundation of the idol, hear the tales of these temples and see where they are located.Rituals & Customs

Perform step by step, the rites and rituals,done during the pooja of Ganesha Understand the Do's and Don'ts, rules and regulations that are to be followed while worshipping Lord Ganesha. Listen and understand different Mantras, Shlokas,Poojas, Aartis,Japs, Stotras, & Vraths.In built volume control. Video of colorful festival & aarti. Glossary of Sanskrit & Marathi terms. Recitation of all rituals. Gallery of colorful pictures.

Ganesh Image

Understand the significance of Ganesha's physical form - the tusk, the ears, etc. Learn how the present form of Ganesha's image has evolved over different eras & countries.


Digital Audio with special sound track. Intelligent fast data access methods.
User-friendly graphical Interface. Interactive multimedia design.

System Requirements:

Pentium IBM compatible PC, Win95 and higher, 640x480 True color display, 16 Mb RAM, Sound Card with speakers, 10 Mb free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Mouse, Keyboard.