Mumbai Under Siege - 26/11  -  What Happened & What Went Wrong

Mumbai Under Siege - 26/11 - What Happened & What Went Wrong

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Author: Nikhil S Dixit
Publisher: Jaico
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788179929957


The 26/11 attacks broke the ‘undying spirit’ of Mumbai. For the first time this city engaged in a 60-hour long battle with the terrorists who dared to bring it to its knees.

The audacious attacks carried out by ten heavily armed youngsters dented Mumbai’s joie de vivre forever. The terror unleashed by the fidayeens, was something no Mumbaikar was prepared for.

More than 170 innocent people lost their lives in this attack. This book follows the trail of terror from Pakistan to the city’s financial capital.

Mumbai Under Siege offers an analysis of the intelligence inputs that security agencies received over two years, compelling evidence from the sites of the terror attacks, the lone captured terrorist’s confession, and a frightening answer to the question on everyone’s mind —will it happen again?


1. A Fidayeen Caught Alive
2. The Plot
3. A Dangerous Mind Reveals All
4. Terror Travels by Sea
5. Leopaold Cafe
6. The Taj Mahal
7. The Oberoi
8. The Nariman House
9. CST Cama Hospital
10. Karkare Kamte & Salaskar Encounter
11. The Mumbai Siege Ends
12. Survivor Stories
13. What Went Wrong Intelligence Failure
14. Did the Fidayeens Botch up the Actual Plan
15. The Plan an Strategies Made by Terror Outfits to Attack Mumbai
16. Precautions
17. Foreign Agencies
18. Why Mumbai
19. Ill Prepared Mumbai Police
20. Mumbai Police a Demoralised Force Cut a Sorry Figure
21. Previous Attacks and the Legal Tangle
22. Lessons Learnt