Malgudi Days        (Set of 3 Hindi VCDs)

Malgudi Days (Set of 3 Hindi VCDs)

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Author: R K Narayan
Publisher: Big Home Video
Year: 2008
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
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Landscaping a fictitious town with his splendorous imagination and worldly wise themes, writer R.K. Narayan’s, Malgudi days, has the power to summon our most personal moment’s right in front of us. Your favorite TV series is here to tickle your fun bone and leave you a bit wiser at the same time.

Teeming with everyday yet unforgettable characters on the brink of poignant moments in their lives, Malgudi days, mirrors human nature with all its virtues and follies like never before, bringing forth the beauty of life led by people from every strata of society in the fictitious of Malgudi.

Episode Vol. 1

Disc – 1
Swami and Friends Episode I 0977
Swami and Friends Episode II 0979
Swami and Friends Episode III 0979

Disc – 2
Swami and Friends Episode IV 0980
Swami and Friends Episode V 0981
Swami and Friends Episode VI 0982

Disc – 3
Swami and Friends Episode VII 0983
Swami and Friends Episode VIII 0984
Paap Ka Gada 0985

Volume – Two

Episode Vol. 2

Disc – 1
Vendor of Sweets Episode I 0963
Vendor of Sweets Episode II 0964
Vendor of Sweets Episode III 0965

Disc – 2
Vendor of Sweets Episode IV 0966
Vendor of Sweets Episode V 0967
Vendor of Sweets Episode VI 0968

Disc – 3
Vendor of Sweets Episode VII 0969
Vendor of Sweets Episode VIII 0970
Sweets for Angels 353

Volume – Three

Episode Vol. 3

Disc – 1
Salt and Saw Dust – episode I VIS/1/308/2006-BAN
Salt and Saw Dust – episode II VIS/1/309/2006-BAN

Disc – 2
Minister without Portfolio VIS/1/307/2006-BAN
The Snake Song VIS/1/27/2007-BAN
Dodu VIS/1/303/2006-BAN


Volume One: 3 Disc Edition
9 Episodes

Volume Two: 3 Disc Edition
9 Episodes

Volume Three: 2 Disc Edition
6 Episodes