Tapto Din Digha Rati     (ASSAMESE)  -  Hot Days Long Nights

Tapto Din Digha Rati (ASSAMESE) - Hot Days Long Nights

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Author: Nadeza Obradovic
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Nadejhada Obradvich
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2010
Language: Assamese
Pages: 253
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123747835


This anthology of African short stories assembles together twenty-six stories by the best of contemporary African writers including many women writers. As distinct and complex as the nations the writers come from, these stories illuminate a slice of contemporary African life.

The emphasis in this collection, apart from literary merit, is on the diversity of topics from the variety of countries involved - ranging from the north African areas, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, to the southern Mozambique and South Africa.

The everyday ways of life, culture, tradition, superstition, religion, marital customs, politics, interpersonal and interfamily relations, and the behavior of men and women in crisis situation such as war all permeate the pages of these twenty-five stories from sixteen countries. Their plots span the colonial period to the troubled years of the Biafran War and religious riots.

Many of the stories in this collection were originally written in English; other were translated from French, Arabic, and Portuguese. This fact further contributes to the variety of plots and literary expressions.


Foreword by Chinua Achebe

A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih

The Advance by Henri Lopes

Papa, Snake & I by Luis Bernardo Honwana

A Child in the Bush of Ghosts by Olympe Bhely-Quenum

It was Easter Sunday the Day I went to Netreg by Sinidwe Magona

The Brother by Charles Mungohsi

The Dignity of Begging by William (Bloke) Modisane

The Garden of Evil by William Saidi

Bossy by A R Gurnah

A Night Out by Tolowa Marti Mollel

Hot Days, Long Nights by Nnadazie F Inyama

Her Three Days by Sembene Ousmane

A Life in Detail
Mohammed Berrada

The Three-Piece suit by Ali Deb

The Wicked Tongue by Mohammed Moulessehoul

Four Dimensions by I N C Aniebo

Thought Tracks in the Snow by Dambudzo Marechera

Waiting for a Turn by Ken Lipenga

The Outer City by Ibrahim Abdel Megid

God of Meme by Ndeley Mokoso

Africa Kills her Sun by Ken Sario-Wiwa

At the Time of the Jzasmine by Alifa Rifaat

The Last Battle by Ossie O Enekwe

Civil War I-VII by Adewale Majaa-Pearce

The Point of No Return by Miriam M Tlali

The Winner by Barbara Kiwenye