Will History Repeat Itself? Triple Eclipse of 2009

Will History Repeat Itself? Triple Eclipse of 2009

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Author: D K Hari
D K Hema Hari/
Publisher: Art of Living Publication
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 93-80114-07-9


Triple eclipses occurring back to back, within a period of 30 days, while a natural and recurring phenomenon, have been specifically recorded twice in the history of our ancient past, that too, in connection with troubled times.

What do we see in the repeating phenomenon of Triple Eclipses?

We are going to witness yet another season of Triple Eclipses in a month, in this year 2009.

Is history going to repeat itself?

What can we learn from our history and our ancients?

7th July 2009 CE
22nd July 2009 CE
6th Aug 2009 CE


About Bharath Gyan
Benedictory Note

Part 1 – A Celestial Drama in July 2009
1. What is an Eclipse?
2. What is Special about these Triple eclipses?
3. Has such an event occurred before?
4. What is Archaeo – Astronomy?
5. Ancient Records of Eclipses
6. Veracity of these Records

Part 2 – 3067 BCE – The Mahabharata Period

7. Significance of 3067 BCE for India
8. Kaliyuga – A Corroborating Factor
9. Start of Kurukshetra war
10. Reading into the events of 3067 BCE
11. Were Nuclear Arsenal used during the war?
12. Any ground proof of an atomic war in the past?
13. Some Points to Ponder

Part 3 – 3031 BCE – The Submergence of Dwaraka

14. Significance of 3031 BCE for India
15. Reading into the events of 3031 BCE
16. Ominous Signs and Warnings
17. Another Missing Link – Disappearance of Saraswathi-River
18. Anthropological Impacts – Pan global similarities
19. A Clarion call

Part 4 – The Last 100 Years

20. The Dark side of the 20th Century
21. The Other Side

Part 5 – 2009 CE and Beyond

22. The Drama we are about to witness
23. Were do we stand today?
24. The geological stage
25. The Geopolitical stage
26. The Economics stage
27. Next Eclipse Season post July 2009


28. History of the Ancients
29. Triple Eclipse – A Reason to assess ourselves
30. What is staring in our Face?
31. Triple Eclipse – For the Bad or the good?
32. Universal Messages – Ancient and Modern
33. The way forward