Radical Islam  -  Perspectives from India and Russia

Radical Islam - Perspectives from India and Russia

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Author: Vikram Sood
Sergey Kurginyan/Several Contributors
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 458
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780230331952


This book is the result of a collaborative effort by the Observer Research Foundation, Delhi and the Experimental Creative Centre, Moscow to bring together perspectives and viewpoints on “Radical Islam”. The Contributors for this volume have looked at different aspects of the emergence of Radicalism in the context of Muslim communities.

Some of the papers discuss the theoretical aspects of the subject, while others seek to document practical experiences from a range of contexts.


About the Contributors

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – System of Coordinates: Sergey Kurginyan
Chapter 3 – Radical Islam in South Asia and Implications for the Region: Virkam Sood
Chapter 4 – Manageable Chaos – Global Radical Islam in Energy and Transportation Wars of the 21st Century: Yury Byaly
Chapter 5 – Death for the Sake of Death – Thanatophilia as a Bridge between Postmodernism and Anti-modernism: Maria Mamikonyan
Chapter 6 – Radical Islam - Competing with the Liberal Ethos of India: Samir Saran and Hemant Nair
Chapter 7 – A Bomb for Bin Laden – Can the Pakistani Nuclear Bomb Find its Way into the Hands of Redical Islamists?: Yury Bardakhchiev
Chapter 8 – Islam, WMDs and Al Qaeda’s Final Goals: Wilson John
Chapter 9 – Iran and its Opponents – The Game around Iran’sNuclear Weapons – What it Means: Vladimir Novikov
Chapter 10 – Russia or Eurasia? Projects of Islamification of Russia: Anna Kudinova
Chapter 11 – Radical Islam in Europe: Ashok Singh
Chapter 12 – Europe and Radical Islam – ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in the West: Maria Ryzhova
Chapter 13 – The West and Islamism – ‘The Strategy of Tension’: Irina Kurginyan
Chapter 14 – Radical Islam in India? Not Really: Saeed Naqvi
Chapter 15 – Radical Islam’s Long War in Pakistan – An Assessment: Wilson John
Chapter 16 – Neobaburism – A Historical Review of the Taliban Claims on Central Asia: Maria Podkopaeva
Chapter 17 – Radical Islam in Bangladesh: Indranil Banerjie