A Guide to the Heritage age of Hyderabad

A Guide to the Heritage age of Hyderabad

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Author: Madhu Vottery
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 249
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129116567


A Guide to the Heritage of Hyderabad: The Natural and the Built is a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the history of Hyderabad and its heritage.

It talks about the significance, the value and the architecture of each heritage structure. The scaled road maps and the sketches in the book are meant to facilitate visits to different heritage sites of the city.

The book captures the city in all its beauty and is a befitting ode to the city and its heritage. To those who have not had the fortune of savouring the sublime splendour of this city until now, this book is an invitation to do so.

It is a relevant, well-timed and remarkable book – immensely helpful for students, academicians and tourists. Enjoy the grandeur of this historic city!

‘A general overview on the historic architecture of Hyderabad is presented here, as a result of the study of two hundred add heritage structures and sites of built and natural heritage.’


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Chapter I – A Few Introductory Words for the Reader how to use the book:
Chapter II – The History of the Heritage of Hyderabad
Chapter III – The Natural and Architectural Heritage of Hyderabad
Chapter IV – Understanding Architecture through History
Chapter V – The Efforts to Conserve the Natural and Built Heritage of Hyderabad
The Pictorial Index