The Shadow of the Great Game  -   The Untold Story of India’s Partition

The Shadow of the Great Game - The Untold Story of India’s Partition

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Author: Narendra Singh Sarila
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 437
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172238742


The partition of India continues to make the headlines with new facts emerging even today, six decades later.

In this untold story of India's partition, Narendra Singh Sarila unearths documents which bring to light the hitherto unexplored link between the partition and British fears about the USSR gaining control of the oil wells of the Middle East, and how the British used religion as a political tool in pursuit of the Great Game against the Soviet Union.

While focusing on the role of several prominent political figures of the era, he also brings out little-known facts about the pressure the US exerted on Britain to grant India her independence. This timely volume offers a radical reassessment of a key moment in the history of the Indian subcontinent.


‘A Path-Breaking Contribution.’
--- K. Subrahmanyam, Strategic Analyst

‘A meticulously researched, highly readable, fascinating version of the last days of the Raj.’
--- Mark Tully

‘…break[s] new ground and challenge[s] conventional wisdom on India’s vivisection.’
--- India Today

‘Compelling reading.’
--- Karam Thapar

‘The book is a basic challenge to the conventional wisdom on the partition of India… a path-breaking contribution.’
--- K. Subrahmanyam, Columnist and defence analyst

‘An impressive range of documentary sources illuminates a controversial era with skill and conviction. Historians and general readers alike will learn much from the sweep and drama of the narrative.’
--- Sir Martin Gilbert

‘[This book] discerns the deeper causations of partition… stresses the role which the USA played in furthering the cause of India’s independence.’
--- J.N. Dixit

‘[This book] deals in a most interesting manner with the traumatic events in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the usually neglected Northern Areas and the Gilgit Agency.’
--- Dr Karan Singh

‘[Sarila’s} penetrating intelligence… shines a light on the diplomatic world of hints, pressures and concealed motives on the route to partition.’
--- Sunday Telegraph

‘A valuable, highly readable, indeed fascinating study…’
--- Times Higher Education Supplement

‘This well-written book fills up many blanks in the story of India’s Partition.’
--- The Tribune

‘This book has to be read… it is most welcome addition to books dealing with the partition of India…’
--- The Free Press Journal

‘The Shadow of the Great Game has a fascinating central argument it situates the partition of India in a global strategic context.’
--- India Express



1. The Great Game

2. The Anglo-Muslim League Alliance

3. The Pakistan Scheme and Jinnah

4. The Churchill-Roosevelt and Clash Over India

5. The Mahatma's Fury

6. India, the UK and the USA

7. Wavell Plays the Great Game

8. Attlee's 'Smoke Screens'

9. Nehru in the Saddle

10. Mountbatten's Counsellor

11. The end Game of Empire

12. The Kashmir Imbroglio I : Gilgit and Poonch

13. The Kashmir Imbroglio II : At the UN

14. Postscript