The Jews  -   A Major Flashpoint in World Politics

The Jews - A Major Flashpoint in World Politics

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Author: Moid Siddiqui
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 353
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174356401


“To understand Islam comprehensively one must go to its roots,” says Moid Siddiqui. “Its major roots can be traced to Bani Israel and their Prophets. One whole chapter of Holy Qur’an about Bani Israel – hundreds of verses relate to them, directly or indirectly.

Truth may be denied but cannot be defied – the fact remains unchallenged that the Jews are significant both in religion and world politics. If not, how does this ‘.23’ percent of world population dominate the 6.752 – billion populous world? The Jews are the major flashpoint in the world politics.”

The Most beloved race of God has fallen from great heights owing to their high-headedness and arrogance. In their own scriptures God calls the Jews as ‘stiff-necked people’. Isn’t a tragedy that like Lucifer fell the ‘Chosen People’ in their haughtiness and arrogance and disobedience to God! There are many lessons for other People to learn from Jews – How have they fallen from glory to gloom and how are they cut down to the ground?

There are thousands of books on Jews but most of them Suffer from rhetoric, either favouring or opposing them with extreme views. Further, these books either cover their political side or religious aspects, but none covers both facets with a single storyline. Moid Siddiqui’s book ‘The Jews – a major flashpoint in world politics’ is perhaps the first attempt to paint a realistic picture on a broader canvas where one can see the whole portrait in a single glance.

In a nutshell, this book is meant to promote amity and harmony amongst the people of Semitic religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) as well as people of all other religions. “Means are of greater importance and significance than the ends,” concludes the author, “there is no right way to do a wrong thing!”


Why should you read this book – The Jews?

Part I – The Jews – Glory to Gloom

1. There is something in Jews!
2. The Children of Israel (Bani Israel)
3. Who are these people, we call ‘Jews’?
4. Mystified identity of Jews
5. Was Abraham an Israeli or a Jew?
6. Jews – God’s Chosen People’
7. Why God calls Jews ‘Stiff-necked People’?
8. Why Muslims don’t believe in Today’s
9. Jewish Torah
10. From ‘Glory’ to ‘Gloom’
Part II – The Jewish Prophets and their Scriptures
11. The Jewish Prophets
12. The Jewish Scriptures
13. Kabala (Cabbala)
14. The Ten Commandments
15. The Mystery of ‘Ark of the Covenant’
16. TH Jewish Faith – Monotheism
17. Jews in Holy Qur’an
Part III – The Jewish Destiny – Slavery and Exiles
18. Exile and Captivity in Egypt
19. Captivity with Assyrians Babylonians
20. The Jewish Diaspora – an epitomized account
Part IV – Zionism-A Movement, Ideology, and Conspiracy
21. What is ‘Zion’?
22. What is ‘Zionism’?
23. ‘Zionism’ and ‘Torah-True Jewry’
24. The Zionist Movement – from Spiritual to Political
25. ‘Anti – Semitism’ Terminology – a misnomer
26. Did God Will a Jewish ‘Sovereign’ State?
27. Is ‘Israel’ a Legitimate Child of ‘Canaan’?
28. Zionist State – Wrap-up
Part V – Breeding Terrorism
29. ‘New Specimen of Human Beings’ – Breeding Terrorism
30. Terror Quiz
31. Branding the ‘Terrorism’
Part VI – The Jews – A Major Flashpoint in World Politics
32. ‘Jerusalem’ – The Strategic place for world Peace
33. Jews – Focused Leaders
34. Jews – Intellectual Gladiators
35. Jews – A Persistent Race
36. ‘Monotheism’ – The Common Denominator of Semitic Religions
37. I see Light at the end of the Tunnel
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