The Art of Man Making     Part - II

The Art of Man Making Part - II

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Swami Mitrananda/Mini Mohan
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2010
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 416
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788175974692


Swami Chinmayananda made it a priority to inspire the youth of India and give them a clear vision and direction for life.

He believed that it was through the youth that national progress could best be achieved. In order to inspire the youngsters of India and show them the possibilities of the higher life, Swami Chinmayananda explained the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita in modern scientific terms.

His contemporary style to teaching, full of humour and examples from our everyday life, brings these sublime teachings within our reach. These teachings are as relevant, fresh and inspiring today as they were in his time.


1. Divinised Vision – The Tremor less Yoga
2. Buddhi – Yoga
3. Intellectual Demand for Constant Awareness of the Divine
4. Unity in Multiplicity
5. Divine Glories
6. Puranas
7. Endless Glories – I
8. Divine Glories – Eternal and Supreme
9. Glories Radiate through the Gross and the Subtle
10. Endless Glories – II
11. Meet Chapter – 11
12. Arjuna’s Demand to Directly witness the many reposed in one
13. Preparing Arjuna for the awesome vision
14. Glimpses of the Cosmic from Sanjaya Reports
15. The Grand Spectacle – Arjuna’s Wonderment
16. Description of the Imperishable truth
17. Fearful from of the Infinite
18. Flow of time
19. Arjuna’s Reverential Surrender
20. Apologies and Appeals from a Humbled Arjuna
21. Glory of the Divine form – Grace in Realization
22. Meet Chapter – 2
23. Traits of a true Devotee
24. Traits of a true Seeker
25. Inner Adjustments in a true Devotee
26. Four levels of Practice for Evolution
27. Conclusion About the Four Suggested paths
28. The Perfect Devotee Portrayed
29. Equanimity – Hallmark of the Awakened
30. Meet Chapter – 13
31. Field and its Knower
32. Integral Constituents of Ksetra (Field)
33. Elements of Knowledge and Techniques of Practice
34. Objective of Knowledge – Truth Described
35. Relationship between spirit and Matter – I
36. Relationship between spirit and Matter – II
37. Paths of self – knowledge
38. Gains from self – knowledge
39. Glory of the awakening knowledge of the field and knower of the field
40. Meet Chapter – 14
41. Gunas – The Driving force behind the spirit functioning in matter
42. Symptoms of the three Gunas as they express through an individual
43. Fruit of Action according to each of the three Gunas
44. Transcending Gunas
45. Characteristics of a Gunatita
46. Beyond Gunas – Abode of the self
47. Meet Chapter – 15
48. The tree of life described
49. The goal Eternal
50. Ego and self – Realization
51. Manifestations of the self
52. Lord beyond the perishable and the imperishable
53. Meet chapter – 16
54. Devilish Nature Described
55. Perception of a Materialist and his foul Motives
56. Characteristics of a Materialist Evolution Suffered
57. Gateways to hell and path to supreme
58. Meet Chapter – 17
59. Three types of faith and how they reflect in Worship and Tapas
60. Three type of Preferences in food
61. Three types of Sacrifices
62. Sattvic tapas at the levels of body, mind and Speech
63. Results that accrue from the three types of Tapas and Charity
64. Om tat sat
65. Discriminating ‘Sat’ and ‘Asat’
66. Meet chapter – 18
67. Types of Tyaga and Indispensability of Action
68. Factors that Constitute action
69. Impulse and Basis of Action and the three-Fold Knowledge
70. Three-Fold Nature of Action and three types of doers
71. Three types of Buddhi and Dhrti
72. Three types of Happiness
73. Four-Fold Classification of human race based on ‘Svadharma’ and ‘Svabhava’
74. Abiding in one’s own duty – Formula for perfection
75. Techniques of mediation
76. Surrender unto him
77. Conditions for a Successful seeker
78. Instructions for Dissemination of knowledge
79. Marvellous Revelations of a Liberating Philosophy