Sanskar  -  Indian Values for our children (Music CD)

Sanskar - Indian Values for our children (Music CD)

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Author: Shankar Mahadevan
Sanjeev Abhyankar/Kedar Pandit
Contributor(s)/Artiste(s): Ravindra Sathe/Sanjay Upadhye/Bela Shende/at al.
Publisher: EMI Music
Year: 08/2010
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 5099991738028


This music CD carries following tracks:

1. Shree Ganesh Sanskar (You Are the Lord of Auspicious Beginnings, Learnings and Remover of Obstacles Rahul Deshpande
2. Shree Hanuman Sanskar (You Are the Lord of Strength and Boundless Devotion...) Shankar Mahadevan
3. Guru Sanskar (My Guru, You Taught Me How to Live...) Bela Shende
4. Shree Ram Sanskar (You Are the Lord of Truth, of Duty, of Love for Humanity...) Shankar Mahadevan
5. Shree Krishna Sanskar (You Show Us the Light and Are the Fountain of Wisdom...) Bela Shende
6. Krutadnyata Sanskar (I Remember the Farmers, Factory Workers, Scientists, Writers-All Who Have Made Sanjeev Abhyankar
7. Mata-Pita Sanskar (My Parents - Providers of Life, Affection, Direction...) Sadhana Sargam
8. Desh Sanskar (My Country-Much More Than a Motherland, a Land Of Unity in Diversity, a Land of Vastn Shankar Mahadevan

Sanskar is a musical interpretation of traditional Indian values for children - respect for parents and teachers, an appreciation of the qualities of our nation and various profession, an understanding of the key attributes of our favourite Gods. Each of the tracks begins with a short mantra which is then followed by the song written in hindi. The tracks are sung by leading singers supported by a fantastic team of children in a sing-along format.