Punjabi Guru   (CD-ROM)

Punjabi Guru (CD-ROM)

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Author: Magic Software
Publisher: Magic Software
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: -
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186532099


Punjabi GURU-Your Personal Tutor- is perfect for beginners and familiar users alike. GURU teaches naturally, the way you learnt your first language..

GURU- has been created with the help of linguists. It guides you through animated, real-life situations encountered on a trip to India. Educator-designed, interactive activities like workout familiarize foreign concepts. Games help check your progress. Learn and practice the Punjabi Script. Punjabi True Type font included..

Through this Punjabi Guru CD-ROM discover the joy of speaking to people in their own language. Surprise your host on your next visit to a Punjabi family. Thrill your grandma by conversing in her vernacular. Prepare yourself for a successful trip to India..

In its Reference section, Punjabi Guru includes Dictionary, Illustrated Encyclopedia, Compendium of Names. Its Entertainment section covers pictionary, Boggle, Patience, Crossword, Orient Express, Lamp of Learning, Folk Tales and Rhymes..

Sample the spice of life in India; attend an Indian wedding; visit theTajmahal, celebrate the festival of Holi, shop at the Indian Bazaar.; attend an Indian wedding, Visit the Taj Mahal, celebrate the festival of Holi . . and more. Read Punjabi Notes along the way.