Indian Saints and Mystics

Indian Saints and Mystics

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Author: Pravrajika Suddhatmaprana
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 296
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187332596


Mystic is a soul who has gone beyond the mind and his life is no longer controlled by the mind. Instead he acts from no- mind state. Most of our life is lived unconsciously and we are deeply identified with the body-mind.

There are very souls who manages to go beyond the boundary imposed by the mind and they live in the no-mind dimension.

These rare beings are saints and mystics. But for them it is not easier to come down to the dimension of mind and related their experiences with us. Those very rare beings who can come down to the mind level and share their experiences are the Enlightened Masters.

Mystics is some one who presence can be of great help and A enlightened master is a mystic plus some one who can verbalize his experiences.


1. Nivrtti, Jnanadeva, Sopana, and Muktabai (I)
2. Nivrtti, Jnanadeva, Sopana, and Muktabai (II)
3. Namadeva (I)
4. Namadeva (II)
5. Janabai
6. Samvata and Kurmadasa
7. Chokhamela and Soyarabai (I)
8. Chokhamela and Soyarabai (II)
9. Cora, Raka, and Banka
10. Narahari
11. Kanhopatra
12. Santaji Pawar, Kanta, and Sena
13. Bhanudasa
14. Janardana Swami
15. Ekanatha (I)
16. Ekanatha (II)
17. Samartha Ramadasa (I)
18. Samartha Ramadasa (II)
19. Venabai and Akkabai
20. Tukarama (I)
21. Tukarama (II)
22. Bahinabai (I)
23. Bahinabai (II)
24. Sri Brahma Caitanya (I)
25. Sri Brahma Caitanya (II)
26. Mirabai (I)
27. Mirabai (II)