The Essence of Tripurarahasya  -  The Mystery of Supreme Consciousness

The Essence of Tripurarahasya - The Mystery of Supreme Consciousness

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Author: Samvid
Several Contributors/
Publisher: Samata Books/Advaita
Year: 2005
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 101
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185208530


The jnanakhanda of Tripurarahasyam, which is an important work of the Srividya School of saktas, contains 2163 verses dealing with the nature of Consciousness and the Ultimate Reality and the liberation of the individual by realizing it.

The advaita (or non-dual) philosophy of the saktatantra-s is lucidly explained in this work through many fabulous and interesting stories interspersed with a logical exposition of Transcendental Consciousness which is the Ultimate Reality.

Srinivasapandita, a great scholar and initiate of the srividya school of sakta-s has written an excellent commentary on the work.

This work is an attempt to present in a condensed and simple form the philosophical foundations of spiritual quest according to the Srividya School of sakta-s in the words of Tripurarahasya, providing the necessary links in the text for its proper understanding.

The text, along with the translation and notes based on the Commentary of Srinivasa, will be of great help to spiritual sadhaka-s of Yoga, Vedanta, Srividya and Self enquiry by providing the philosophical foundations of their sadhana and it’s Goal.


1. The Origin of the Teachings
2. The Nature of the Self and the Way to Self-Realization Taught/Hemalekha
3. Dattatreya Establishes That the Perceived World is not Different From Consciousness
4. King Janaka's Teachings to Sage Astavakra on the Highest Knowledge Leading to Liberation
5. Dattatreya's Teachings on Liberation, Knowledge, the Means of Knowledge and the State of Sages Who have Realized the Self
6. A Synopsis of the Way of Knowledge