Guide to Yoga Meditation

Guide to Yoga Meditation

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Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818505309X


No other movement in recent years has so fascinated people as the possibility of calming the mind through meditation. All the techniques in Patanjali's Classic Yoga aim at making one more aware and finally to see the true Self shiniing forth in its own true nature. When the waters of the lake are still only then can you see your reflection. Simple guidelines are offered in this book to help one on this exciting journey.

i. Consciousness is the source of knowledge. Greater awareness means greater knowledge.

ii. Awareness evolved to a flashpoint transforms itself into absolute consciousness.

iii. No knowledge is higher than the direct knowledge of absolute reality.

iv. Man is what his mind is.

v. Mind that takes in no mental modifications is beyond the limitation of the mind.

vi. Absorb yourself in your object and you will know more than mere reasoning.

vii. Perceptual knowledge is mere information while conceptual knowledge is knowledge itself-but true knowledge is beyond both.


1. Understanding Meditation
2. Ethical Base for Yoga Meditation
3. Aids for Steadying the Mind
4. Rationale of Meditative Poses
5. Prana and Mind
6. Control of the Senses
7. Concentration
8. Yoga Meditation
9. Samadhi
10. Samyama
11. Knowledge of Reality Firm
12. Belief in Higher Reality