Recipes for Happiness  -  Yogic Lifestyle diet

Recipes for Happiness - Yogic Lifestyle diet

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Author: Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 188
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185053561


If we really went to change our food habits, we must do it with patience and perseverance. We have been used to certain kind of food for a long time - both our body and our mind may resent a change, unless it is made gradually.

In Yoga we believe in continued and repeated efforts, rather than enforced and strained processes. People who suddenly break their old conditioned habits, to become strict followers of a certain diet may face strong reactions.

As far as a change in diet is concerned, it is always advisable to make it gradually, until the desired standard of both quantity and quantity is achieved. We should stick to some simple changes in the beginning, and let time naturally tell us when to proceed further.

This book makes Sattvic eating interesting and enjoyable and at the same time healthful.


Bodily healthy is essential for mental and spiritual development. This book emphasizes simple and quick dishes. The procedures are given step-wise using minimum of technical terms.


Weights and Measures
Notes on Ingredients
Terms Used in Cooking
Sattvic Food
Rajasic Food
Some important points
Times of Eating
How much to Eat
How to prepare Herbal Milk
Diet Plan
State of Mind while Eating
Food and Diseases
Questions and Answer



Apple Oats Soup
Cream of Carrot Soup
Palak Methi Soup
Green Pease Soup
Green Peas Soup I
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Rasam Soup
Vegetable Soup
Apple, Carrot and Raisin Salad
Beets with Orange and mint
Tofu and bean Sprout Salad
How to make soyamilk

Tossed Salad with Sprouts
Lentil Salad with curd
Mixed Vegetable Salad
Mock Russian Salad
Moong Dal Salad I
Moong Dal Salad II
Moong Dal Salad III
French Beans and Sprouts Salad
Green Salad
Green Gram Sprouts
Carrot and Raisin Salad
Rice flakes with Sprouts
Vegetable and Sprouts
Vinchy Carrots
Corn and Bean salad
Beet and sprout salad
Alu Methi
Dal Palak
Milli Julli Subzi
Brinjal Bhurta
Capsicum-Methi Paneer Vegetable
Chinese Mixed Vegetables
Sukha Aloo
Dahiwale Suran
Dum Aloo
Green Kofta Curry
Peas Usal
Kadhai Simla Mirch
Kasoori Gobi
Khatte Mithe Suran Channe
Masala Phulgobi
Matar ki Subzi
Methi Moong Dal Subzi
Palak Paneer
Paneer Burji
Paneer Kurma
Paneer Peas Curry
Papdi with Alu
Palak Roti / Paratha
Papdi Suran Mix
Parval Masala
Potato Dauphinoise
Tofu Treat
Jatpat Alu Muttar
Quick Vegetable Masalawala
Rajasthani Bhaji

Saboot Mushrooms
Sai Bhaji
Simla Mirch Bahaar
Sprouted Matki Usal
Sprouted Moong Dal
Khatta Bhaji
Stuffed Brinjal
Stuffed Capsicum
Stuffed Grilled Potatoes
Sauted Tofu with Green Peas
Vegetable Stew
Vegetables and Sprouts
Vegetable Dalia
Vegetable Korma
Ready Mix Spice
Dadpe Poha
Moong Dosa
Sada Dosa
Potato Dosa Filling
Spring Dosa Filling
Hara Bhara Bhel
Methi Khakra
Moong Dal Patties
Power Packed Cereal
Rawa Dhokla
Sago Khichdi
Sprouted Pulses
Tri-Colour Sandwich
Wheat Idli
Raita Sauce and Dips
Green Chutney
Green Coriander Chutney - 1
Green Coriander Chutney - 2
Green Sauce
Honey Mint Dressing
Mint Sauce
Papaya Raita
Pineapple Raita
Potato Raita
Salad Dressing - 1
Salad Dressing - 2
Sesame Chutney
Sweet Dishes
Stewed Apple
Apricot in Rice
Baked Pumpkin
Carrot Halwa
Fruit Salad with Honey
Moong Dal Kheer
Poached Apple Slices
Sweet Dalia
Wheat Halwa
Dates and Peanuts Ladoo
Appetizers and Drinks
Amla and Carrot Sharbat
Beet Root Passion
Cucumber Cooler
Flavoured Soyabean Milk
Fruit Passion
Ginger Lemon Cordial
Lime Sharbat
Hawain Cruch
Jal Jeera
Refreshing Lemonade
Lemon Barley
Tangy Lime Ginger
Raw Mango Sharbat
Saunf Sharbat
Sunshine Drink
Rice and Dal
Coconut Rice
Khichdi in Coconut Milk
Mixed Dal
Lime Rice
Sprouted Moong Pulao
Moong Dal
How to Make Curd
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