In the Kingdom of the Gods

In the Kingdom of the Gods

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Author: Desmond Doig
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 246
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817223371X


A collection of delighted columns, this work, reflects the passion the author felt for Kathmandu.

The land of stupas and hawkers, hippies and tourists, forgotten shrines and temples, the home of the Pashupatinath and the Living Goddess Kumari, Doig was completely enchanted by the city.

An artist's impression of the emerald valley acompanied with his vivid sketches and research by Dubby Bhagat are lively poignant and reminiscent of a forgotten era.


Dubby Bhagat has been a salesman, a journalist, and advertising copywriter, a guide and a hotelier in The Everest Hotel, Nepal's premier five-star property. With his mentor Desmond Doig, he helped to design The Malla Hotel and The Shangri-la. He lives in Kathmandu.



The Light of Many Suns

Of Divine Street Walkers

The Stupa of a Million Dewdrops

The Mystery of the Black Bhairab

The Forgotten Shrine of the Sikhs

The Gate of the Vermilion god

Where Serpents Breathe Fire

Processions for a Grieving Queen

A Goddess from Calcutta ?

When a Goddess Played Dice

The House of the Living Goddess

The Hill of the Flaming Lotus

The Stupa Built by Time

The Golden Mask of the White Bhairab

A House for Shiva and Parvati

The City Vishnu May Have Built

A Golden Gateway for a Goddess

Was There a Yeti in the Royal Zoo ?

The Temple of the Trinity

The Courtyard of a Thousand Delights

A Decapitated God and an Insatiable Princess

A Monument to an Angry God

Three Golden Kings

Down History's Narrow Lanes

A Temple to Bhimsen, the Pandava

A Temple of Dubious Reputation

On the Banks of Eternity Itself

A Courtyard to the Buddha's Memory

Patan's Monastery Fantastic

In the Heart of Eternity Itself

No Water in the Royal Bath

Rape in Eternity Itself

A Bountiful Rani and a Great Bell

A Temple to a Compassionate God

A Victim of the Mahabharata

A Temple to a Secretive Goddess

Patan's Grand Temple Golden

A Temple to Ravana's Memory

The Village of the Dancing Durga

The Water Gardens of Balaju

The Pottery Temple

The Vanishing Courtyard of the Medicine Men

The Hill of the Camphor Tree

The Jewelled Gift of a Snake God

Tantric Secrets in a Deep Forest

A Divine Sleep in Stone

The Temple of the Rising Sun

The Gorge of the Flaming Sword

The Greatest Building of Them All

Nana Sahib's Jewels Were Kept Here

Three Men on a Horse

The Gates to the Royal Palace

The Kali of the South

A Cow Festival to Honour the Dead

Taking Toothaches to a God

A living Monument to a Glorious Past

A Monument to an Indian Princess

When Indra Was Caught Stealing

The Days of Dasasin

Under the Spreading Peepal Tree