Curzon Nama:   Autocrat Curzon - Unconquerable India

Curzon Nama: Autocrat Curzon - Unconquerable India

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Author: Pramila Sharma
Publisher: Eeshwar
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 195
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186982515


This work dwells on the articles, cartoons, poems, letters, and other writings which were published in the Indian Press as well as the British Press, besides Curzon's own speeches, books and letters.

Lord Curzon was the most controversial viceroy of India. At the beginning of his tenure, Curzon was hailed by the cartoonists of the vernacular press with attributes such as ' Viceroy who loves India', 'The Abode of Lord Ganapati', 'Harun Rashid' and 'dear brother' who shares the sorrow and pain of sister India, who bestows a vermilion mark on his forehead on the occasion of Bhaidooj'.

Later he was called ' the woodcutter who axed maiden Bengal into two parts' and he became the target of country-wide discontent. But his rule and personality cannot be properly assessed without taking into account the letters and folk songs of the time.

A single shade does not make the picture complete. Therefore, this book has used both the Indian and British sources so that the picture does not look one-sided. Indeed, Lord Curzon was the favorite viceroy of the Indian cartoonist.

This book constitutes a valuable record for students and researchers of the history and relationship between India and England, as well as for connoisseurs of the cartoon art.