The Raja of Harsil  -  The Legend of Frederick 'Pahari' Wilson

The Raja of Harsil - The Legend of Frederick 'Pahari' Wilson

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Author: Robert Hutchison
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 290
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174367969


A young British officer deserted during the First Afghan War (1939-42) and went to ground in the wilds of Tehri-Garhwal. Frederick 'Pahari' Wison changed the face of the region forever and became a Himalayan legend.

He played a daring role in the Great Game, was witness to the Anglo-Sikh war of 1845 -- when the British nearly lost India- and became a pioneering force in the great Indian Railways adventure.

Capturing the humour of the petty world of officers' clubs in Meerut, Mussoorie and Shimla, the chill of stiff winds on the high passes into Tibet, and the hardships of life in the remote valleys of Garhwal, The Raja of Harsil is a thrilling account of that tumultuous and exciting period.

Driven by personal ambition, Frederick Wilson introduced commercial timbering to the Himalayas and became India's first timber magnate. A avid hunter, ornithologist and botanist, he settled at Harsil, near the source of the Ganges, and shared the lives and destinies of the Garhwali people.

He acquired enormous wealth--becoming the richest man in Northern India -- and fame as 'Raja' of Harsil before falling into disfavour -- a pariah for plundering Garhwal of its wildlife and natural resources.

The Raja of Harsil: The Legend of Frederick ‘Pahari’ Wilson is a fascinating tale of love, power and adventure spanning four decades when India was a hotbed of controversy, intrigue, and rising nationalism, of military daring and rampant development. A time ‘Pahari’ Wilson become known as ‘the man who led a life that would have been the envy of kings’.


Author’s note.

1. Christmas Eve, 1841.
2. Camel's back road.
3. Lamkot Mountain.
4. The Degchi Brigade.
5. Umar the terrible.
6. Captain Apsley’s report.
7. Up the country.
8. Nasty business at Jhala.
9. The Ghostmen.
10. The Pradhan and the Pundit.
11. Mungetu Chand.
12. Murder at Chitkul.
13. Mungetu’s daughter.
14. The Raja’s Golden Bird.
15. A visit with Cautley.
16. Medical deception.
17. Mingdoling monastery.
18. Simla safe house.
19. Done for adultery.
20. Tin wizard.
21. Shaitan's folly.
22. Clean slate.
23. Brass rupees.
24. The beau colonel's story.
25. Dance of illusions.
26. The red lion.
27. Monkshood and mischief.
28. Seeds of war.
29. Talwandi Junction.
30. India's waterloo.
31. Himalaya club.
32. Wilson's Bundobust.
33. Markham's 'Invaluable Companion'.
34. A visit to Firozpur.
35. The monkey takes leave.
36. Timber concession renewed.
37. Pursuing the ibex.
38. The Vansittart investigations.
39. Princess Khaneti.
40. Everything will become red.
41. Wretchedly worried.
42. Difficult contract to make.
43. Rogue's march.
44. Upholding the right.
45. Delhi falls to the rebels.
46. Organized Thuggery.
47. Devils falls to the Doon.
48. Profit transfer.
49. Prosperity reigns.
50. Selku Mela at Mukhba.
51. Someshwar's curse.
52. The rape.
53. A hidden hand.
54. Torrid nights at the Charleville.
55. The Sink asks a favour.
56. The Kalwa disconnects.
57. Death at Darkot.
58. Ruffled feathers.
59. Mountaineer's farewell.
60. Ungrateful son. Epilogue.