The Curious Case of 221B  -  The Secret Notebooks of John H Watson, MD

The Curious Case of 221B - The Secret Notebooks of John H Watson, MD

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Author: Partha Basu
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 279
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788172237899


Five thousand miles away from 221B Baker Street, one of the world's most famous addresses, a man stumbles upon some letters and notebooks hidden away by his murdered father for half a century.

Penned in secret by Dr John H Watson, they concern his friend, the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, and the stories they tell are startlingly different from much that is known of Holmes and his singular exploits.

These narratives are redolent of temptation, torture and terminal punishment. Dr Watson writes of racism, revenge and sexual algebra and of the blood money that flowed from opium, ivory and slaves.

What made Dr Watson keep secrets that expose his famous friend's failures? How did die contentious notebooks reach India and why were they hidden away for so long?

In this brilliant retelling that turns the Holmesian canon on its head, even as it adds to it, Partha brings back a host of characters who have captivated generations of readers, except that they are no longer what we had made diem out to be.


1. The Letter
2. The First Notebook : Introducing the Narratives
3. The First Notebook Continues : Blunder in Bohemia
4. The First Notebook Continues : The Adventure of the Invisible Client
5. The Second Notebook : The Missing Courier
6. The Second Notebook Continues : The Reappearance of Frances Carfax
7. Encountering Emma
8. The Third Notebook : A Serpentine A/fair
9. The Third Notebook Continues : Of Lead Pencils and Long Jumps
10. The Third Notebook Continues : The Tale of the Sad Cyclist
11. The Third Notebook Continues : Judgement at the Abbey Grange

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