16 Hindu Samskars  -  Before the Birth till Death and even after Death

16 Hindu Samskars - Before the Birth till Death and even after Death

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Author: Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2009
Language: Bi-Lingual
Pages: 301
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-1053-2


Samskars make living easier, better and fuller, if performed as they should, with right earnestness. Lord Sri Krishna declared in the Gita: “That person easily succeeds in both the physical and spiritual realms (worlds) whose Samskars have been duly completed and that has achieved control over senses.

The book 16 Hindu Samskars incorporates all the Samskars that make a person refined and cultured, to grow from inside and to enable one to lead a pious, complete, healthy, happy, pleasant and prosperous life.

If all the Samskars are performed and the patterns and rules obeyed then life of a person would be worth living, blissful, and pure enough to get bliss and salvation, and that person would be a worthy citizen able to make the earth a better place for all living beings and to ensure continuity of life.

Read 16 Hindu Samskars, learn about them and be Samskari.


Samskars in Spiritual Quadruplets
Section I - The Samskars
Samskars: Meaning and Philosophy
Rishis on Samskars
Samskars as Culture
Importance of Samskars
List of Samskars
Governing Factors in Samskars
Need of Samskars
Lack of Samskars
The Scriptures on Samskars
Samskars and the Problems of the World
Samskars and Supernatural Power
Benefits from Samskars
Essentials and Forbidden in Samskars
The Samskars of the Previous Life
The Samskars of Grihastha Dharma
Samskars Given during Childhood
Samskars for Inner Growth
Role of Women in Samskars
Samskars in Ayurveda
Samskars in a Nutshell
Progress, Peace, Prosperity and Perfection through Samskars
Section II – Poojan Vidhi
Shatkarma (The Six Rituals)
Shodashopachara (The Sixteen Steps)
Swasti Vachan (End of Worship)
Ashirvada Mantra (Blessings)
Shodasha Matrika Poojan (Worshipping Mothers)
Section III – Sixteen Samskars
1. Garbhadhan Samskar (Conception)
2. Punswan Samskar (Fertilisation)
3. Seemantonnayan Samskar (Prosperity)
4. Jatkarma Samskar (Birth ceremony)
5. Namkaran Samskar (Naming)
6. Niskraman Samskar (First ceremonious outing)
7. Annaprashana Samskar (Giving first cereal food)
8. Chudakarma Samskar (Cutting hair)
9. Karnabedha Samskar (Piercing of ears)
10.Upanayan Samskar (Investiture with the sacred thread)
11.Vedarambha Samskar (Initiation into study)
12.Samavartan Samskar(Convocation)
13.Vivah Samskar (Marriage)
14.Awasthyadhana Samskar (Sacred fire)
15.Tretagnisangrah Samskar (Conservation of fire)
16.Antyeshti Samskar (The Funeral)
Vanprastha Samskar
Samyas Samskar
Prosper with Samskars