You and Your Queries  - Life, God Worshipping Religion and Spirituality

You and Your Queries - Life, God Worshipping Religion and Spirituality

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Author: Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-1117-2


From the book:

The book You and Your Queries as a whole, and the answers will form a part of the General Knowledge: basic and essential for Existence; Growth; Stability; Peace; Health; Pleasure and Bliss, the most important things to avoid extinction and for continuity of life on the Mother Earth.

From where does one start one`s journey may have its importance but where does one reach, where does one terminate one`s journey, or where the journey is terminated, with what ability and what aspirations and resolutions, achievements and accomplishments, is more important and has greater value and impact on the next journey, next life and the final outcome.

With the book You and Your Queries start the journey from the starting point and reach the final stage, the terminal with adequate patience and exuberant pleasure, pursuing all the pursuits: Physical, Religious, Spiritual and Sublime in a controlled and balanced way to get utmost satisfaction in life and Moksha after death.


Section 1 : Parichaya; Introductory
I. Prashna Aur Uttar : Queries and Answers
1. Why have we numerous questions?
2. Why are we worried when we face so many questions?
3. Why do the people not get the answers?
4. What has changed that we are feeling cold?
5. How materialism reverses life, Nature and pleasure?
6. Is growing physical pleasure a modern concept?
7. Are those things actually modern inventions?
8. How can spirituality help the living beings?
9. What do we get by remembering and revering Gods, Rishis, Sants, Parents, Elders and Forefathers?
10.Will the world ever be worth living a place?
11.When and how will it be possible?
12.What can a person contribute towards it?
13.Will the positive values help?
II. Answers by Adi Shankaracharya
14.Who is a slave?
15.What is salvation?
16.What is the worst hell?
17.What is heaven?
18.What cuts off the worldly bondage?
19.What is the purpose of salvation?
20.Where is the entrance to hell?
21.How is heaven achieved?
22.Who sleeps in peace?
23.Who is awakened?
24.Who are enemies?
25.Who is a pauper?
26.Who is rich?
27.Though alive who has died?
28.Who is living?
29.What strangles?
30.What intoxicates like wine?
31.Who is completely blind?
32.What is death?
33.Who is a preceptor?
34.Who is a disciple?
35.What is a lasting disease?
36.What is the panacea for it?
37.What is the best ornament among the ornaments?
38.What is the greatest pilgrimage?
39.What things should be despised at?
40.What should one always listen to?
41.What are the ways of union with the Brahma?
42.Who is a Sant?
43.What is fever in living beings?
44.Who is a fool?
45.With whom one should cultivate friendship?
46.What is a good life?
47.What is knowledge?
48.What is wisdom?
49.What is profit?
50.Who has won the world?
51.Who is the greatest warrior among the warriors?
52.Who has equanimity, patience and wisdom?
53.What is the poison of sensual earning?
54.Who is always aggrieved?
55.Who is lucky?
56.Who is respectable?
57.What one should not do in all the circumstances?
58.What should the wise men do diligently?
59.What is at the root of the universe?
60.Whom should we not accompany and with Whom we should not live?
61.What should the persons do immediately who wish to get salvation?
62.What is the reason of poverty?
63.What is the root of importance?
64.Whose life is ideal?
65.Who is immortal?
66.What is the worst enemy among the enemies?
67.Who is never satisfied even after excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure?
68.What is the cause of pain?
69.What a wise man should do when the death is very close?
70.What is the purpose of day and night?
71.What are good deeds?
72.Whom one should doubt?
73.What are the provisions for the journey?
74.Who is a scholar?
75.What is poison?
76.What is enchanting like wine?
77.Who is a robber?
78.What is the creeper that lives on others?
79.Who is an enemy?
80.What is unstable like drops of water on lotus leaves?
81.Who is as clean as the rays of moon?
82.What is hell?
83.What is pleasure?
84.What is truth?
85.What does the living beings love?
86.What is real charity?
87.Who is a friend?
88.What is ornament?
89.What is the ornament of speech?
90.What is destructive?
91.What gives pleasure?
92.Who succeeds in destroying all bad habits?
93.Who is blind?
94.Who is deaf?
95.Who is dumb?
96.What is deadly?
97.What is precious?
98.What pinches till the death?
99.Who is a sage?
100.Who is vile?
101.Who is able to win the world?
102.What is grievous and sorrowful?
103.What is praiseworthy?
104.Who is worthy of respect among the scholars?
105.What are the four gentle qualities that good men usually praise?
106.What should be the aim day and night?
107.Who are blind with eyes?
108.Whom should all remember?
109.What should the wise men not say?
110.How does one get salvation?
111.Who is God?
112.What is ignorance?
113.Who is illusory?
114.What is magical?
115.What is dream-like?
116.What is truth?
117.Who is the God present before us?
118.Who is respectable and like a teacher?
119.What is like all the gods?
120.What is the gain from devotion to God?
121.What is salvation?
122.What is most important in the Vedas?
III.Sharira Aur Atma: Body and Soul
123.Are body and soul two entities?
124.Who are we: the body or the soul?
125.What is the difference between body and soul?
126.What is the Self?
127.How does the Soul survive?
128.Is the relation between body and soul very limited?
129.What about them that claim to have achieved divinity?
130.What is the difference between the dual-existence in body as simple ‘jivatma’ and ‘param atma?
131.What is the difference between the physical body and the astral body?
132.How can that self be realised?
133.What is God realisation?
134.How can the body help in the realisation of the goal?
135.How is the Soul eternal?
136.Can the Self be comprehended?
137.Does the atma ever change?
138.What should be taken care of: the body or the Soul?
139.How can the body be conditioned and kept in condition?
140.How can we purify ourselves?
141.What should we do and what should we set aside?
142.What should we wish for purity?
143.What are the qualities for refinement?
144.What is the relation between body and soul?
145.Which performs better: body or soul?
146.What should one do in respect of body and soul?
147.What is the purpose of life?
148.Why are we unable to feel all these things?
149.How can we grow better and be human?
150.Will these things free us from tension and stress?
151.What should we do to be free from tensions and stress?
Section 2 : Upasana, Worship
IV. Upasana Purva: Pre-Requisites
152.What is worship?
153.What is preferred in worshipping?
154.Is fasting necessary in worshipping?
155.How many kinds of worshipping are there?
156.What is the difference between worshipping and Spiritual practice?
157.What purpose do worshipping and spirituality serve?
158.Who is God? How is He?
159.If there is God then why don’t we see Him?
160.Why is God said to be illusion?
161.How can we analyse God?
162.Why should we worship God?
163.How have we learnt worshipping and penance?
164.How can we get greater energy, better concentration and control?
165.What will we get by worshipping?
166.Is bathing essential before worshipping?
167.If it is true then what should we do?
168.When should we take bath?
169.What is truly essential before worshipping?
170.What are the dos (essential) and don’ts (forbidden) in worshipping?
171.How can one get bahya suddhi, outer purification?
172.Is silken cloth necessary for worshipping?
173.Who gets closer to God and God-realisation?
174.What are the ways of worshipping God?
175.What is Shravan?
176.What is Kirtan?
177.What is Smaran?
178.What is Pada Sevan?
179.What is Archan?
180.What is Vandan?
181.What is Dasya Bhava Bhakti?
182.What is Sakhya Bhava Bhakti?
183.What is Atma Nivedan?
184.Keeping Navadha Bhakti, all the nine, in mind: Which one is the best?
185.What is the right time of worshipping?
186.What is the difference between pooja and prayer?
187.Why do we light an earthen lamp before pooja?
188.Why do we perform arti while standing up?
188.Why do we perform pooja?
190.What is Shatkarma and how is it performed?
191.What are the different ways of pooja?
192.What is Panchopachar and how is it performed?
193.What is Dashopachar and how is it performed?
194.What is Shodashopachar and how is it performed?
195.What should be done after pooja?
196.What is Shwasti Vachan and how is it performed?
V. Ahar Aur Upavasa: Food and Fasting
197.What type of food one should take?
198.What are the advantages of Suddha Satvika Bhojan?
199.What are the Doshas, impurities in food?
200.What should be done after taking food?
201.What is fasting? Is fasting essential? What is the method of fasting?
202.What are the different fasts and what are the benefits?
203.What is the most advantageous way of taking food?
Section 3 : Brahman, The Absolute God
VI. Brahman
204.Who is Brahman?
205.How is Brahman ‘Pure Consciousness’?
206.What is this Spandan?
207.What is the Cosmic Law?
208.Why is Brahman invisible?
209.Is it possible to know Brahman?
210.Despite his omnipresence why are we not able to know Brahman?
211.How dis Brahma create the Universe?
212.How was Shiva created?
213.How was Vishnu created?
214.How was Brahma created?
215.What are four Mahavakyas?
216.How do we grow?
217.Who is bound by rebirth?
218.What is important about the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth?
219.Where can we get divine experience?
220.Who can get divine experience?
221.How difficult is it to get Divine Experience?
222.Why should we not have affection and attachments in the face of the things and persons and relations we like?
223.How can we worship Brahman and how can we be His devotee?
224.When can one get ‘United to Brahman’?
VII.Jyotir Linga : Origin of Life and Light
225.From where one can get the details of ‘Linga’?
226.When did the Linga first appear?
227.What happened then? Were they pacified?
228.What does it prove?
229.How many types of Lingas are created or formed for worshipping?
230.Which are the twelve Jyotir Lingas?
231.Why Shiva is treated as the greatest?
232.What is Tejo linga?
233.In which countries Shiva Linga was worshipped?
Section 4 : Punya, Virtue
VIII. Dharma : Religion
234.From where has Dharma come?
235.Are the rites and rituals Dharma?
236.What is Dharma?
237.Is Dharma a Sagun God?
238.Has Dharma a wife and sons?
239.What do we get from Dharma?
240.What is dharmika moral, religious and what is adharmika, immoral, irreligious?
241.How and why immoral persons grow so well?
242.What does Dharma give?
243.What a physically challenged person do? How can he acquire Dharma?
244.What are the three forms of Religion?
245.What is the intention behind being religious?
IX. Vidhi-Vidhan : Rites and Rituals
246.Why do we apply Tilaka, anoint our forehead?
247.Who should apply Tilaka?
248.Why do we blow conch?
249.Why do we take panchamrit?
250.Why do we distribute prasad?
251.Why do we visit temples?
252.What are the Parvas and why are they celebrated?
X. Stri Aur Purush : Man and Woman
253.What is the difference between a woman and a man?
254.But woman is treated as weak. Why?
255.What should be our approach towards women?
256.What a man or woman should do?
257.How can these four pursuits be achieved?
258.What are the Dharmas that one has to follow and foster?
259.What are men and women?
260.What a woman should do?
261.Has a woman any right to get another husband?
262.What is the place of a woman?
263.Then why are the women suffering most?
264.How can they realise that?
265.Should morality be discussed in the case of men and women?
266.Are men and women the same?
267.Why should one give something in charity?
268.What is the reciprocal gain?
269.Why should we listen to our conscience?
270.What is done in Vanprastha and Sanyasa?
271.Why were males and females created?
272.What should one be?
273.Why women are not allowed to awaken Kundalini?
274.Why women are not allowed to worship in menstruation period?
275.Why woman are not allowed to do hard or heavy works?
276.Is there any provison for separation or divorce in Hindu religion?
277.Should a husband be revered as god?
Section 5 : Adhyatma, Spirituality
XI. Antarika Vikas: Inner Growth
278.What is meant by spirituality?
279.Where does spirituality lead to?
280.What is fear and how can one shake off?
281.How can Brahman be described?
282.What cosmic power, Shakti, can we acquire through Brahman?
283.How can we experience Brahman?
284.What are the elements that the Universe is made up of?
285.Where is the fallacy?
286.What are the things that can take us out of the woods?
287.What are the enemies of Spirituality?
288.What is the worst enemy of Spirituality?
289.What is the best way for a man?
290.What do we get from spirituality?
XII. Sadhana: Meditation
291.Is purity essential for Sadhana?
292.What steps should be taken for purity?
293.Is bath essential before Sadhana?
294.What are the essentials for Sadhana?
295.Is there anything else really essential for Sadhana?
Section 6 : Karma, Deeds
XIII. Mantra
296.What are Mantras?
297.Is there any difference in Mantra and Shloka?
298.What are the classifications of Mantras?
299.How do Mantras work?
300.How are the Mantras uttered?
301.What is the total and immediate effect of Mantra?
302.How and where the Mantra sadhana be best completed?
303.What are the twelve Mantras with which Pranayam to Surya is completed?
304.What are Beeja Mantras?
305.What are the Ekakshar Beeja Mantras?
306.How is Mantra Japa done?
307.How is Japa counted on the rosary?
308.How do we use the Varna Japa Mala?
309.Do we always need rosary for counting the Mantras?
310.What are the secret qualities of sacred Mantras?
311.What does the chanting give?
312.What are the difference between reading and speaking other things and chanting Mantras? 189
313.Are there Mantras in other religions?
314.Do we need Mantras for Meditation?
315.What is Mantra Anushthan?
316.What are the types of Mantra Anusthan?
317.What are the benefits of Mantra Anusthan?
318.What are the requirements of Mantra Anushthan?
319.What do we need to do?
320.What do we actually need?
321.Can we grow with Mantras?
322.How can one spare time for chanting Mantras from his busy schedule?
323.What can such experiences be called?
324.What are the experiences?
325.What do we eventually get from the Mantras?
326.How do Mantras help?
XIV. Karya-Karana : Cause and Effect
327.What is karya karan siddhanta?
328.What are the general effects of our actions?
329.What is the apparent and net result of the cause and effect theory?
330.What are the results of cause and effect theory in other births?
331.How can we get most out of Karya and Karana Siddhanta?
332.Can it be proved in a religious way?
333.What are the meritorious deeds?
334.How can we control the selfish feelings?
335.Can the meritorious deeds be dedicated? Can such dedications bear fruit?
Section 7 : Yoga
XV. Yoga
336.What is yoga?
337.How can such concentration be achieved?
338.What are the qualities of an ideal seeker?
339.Are those qualities needed to start practising Yoga?
340.Is Yoga for women too?
341.What are Triyoga, three Yogas?
342.What are Yoga Chatushtaya?
343.What is Dvividha Nishta, dual devotion?
344.What are Trividha Gyan Dwar, three doors of knowledge?
345.What are Trividha Narak Dwar, three doors to hell?
346.Which are the Mudras and Bandha?
347.What is Ashtavidha Pranayama, eight types of Pranayama?
348.What are Shatakarma?
349.What are the three Nadis in Yoga?
350.What are the ten Vayus in Yoga?
351.According to Yoga what are the different Chakras in our body?
352.What are the three ways in Yoga to reach up to the Self or Brahman?
353.What are Tri-granthis?
354.What is Tri-shakti?
355.What are Pancha Akash?
356.What are Chaturvidha Vanee, four types of sound?
357.What are the eight divisions or limbs of Yoga?
358.What are five Yamas?
359.What are the Niyams?
360.What are asans?
361.What is Pranayam?
362.What are the types of Pranayam?
363.What do we get from Pranayam?
364.What is Pratyahar?
365.What are the inner limbs (Antrang Sadhan) of Yoga?
366.What is Dharana?
367.What is Dhyan?
368.What is Samadhi?
369.What are Kriya Yoga?
370.What are other yogas, if any?
371.What are Pancha Kleshas?
372.What are Sapta Sadhana?
373.What are obstacles in Yoga?
374.What are Shatkarma? How are they performed?
375.What are eight Maha-Siddhis?
376.How can one get salvation and be free?
Section 8 : Moksha, Salvation
XVI. Prakriti : Nature
377.Is it a fact that apes are our forefathers?
378.Is it Creation or Evolution?
379.What is the relation between Nature and God?
380.Why are we in bondage then?
381.How can we get salvation?
382.Why does Nature intervene?
383.How does Nature teach?
384.What should man do?
XVII. Aham : Ego
385.What is ego?
386.Where does ego reside?
387.What is the difference in ego and ego-less?
388.What are the disadvantages of ego?
389.How is ego related to misdeeds, crimes and sins?
390.Is the advisor or seducer a shareholder in the sins?
391.How can we be free from ego?
392.What happens when the ego vanishes?
XVIII. Vedanta
393.What is Vedanta?
394.What does Vedanta give?
395.How is Vedanta Darshana presented?
396.How is the Indian concept of Creation different from Western Concept?
XIX. Moksha : Salvation
397.How are we helped in getting Moksha?
398.How can we attain Moksha, liberation?
399.How can we feel and think in that way positively?
400.What is the need of Moksha, for the liberation of soul?
401.What should be done for salvation?
402.What are needed for salvation?
Section 9 : Abiramata, Continuity
XX. Amaratva : Immortality
403.What is amaratva or immortality?
404.Why should one try for Amaratva?
405.What is the best way of living and for Amaratva?
XXI. Jeevan Aur Astitva : Life and Existence
406.What do we mean by a good life?
407.What are the ways to acquire positive qualities?
408.Why are we not getting that view?
409.In comparison to the infinite, what are we and have our deeds any value?
410.How can we save life, keep our astitva surakshita?
411.What is needed then?
412.Why do we call grandchildren Suda, interest?
413.What is Moksha in practical life?
414.Is there anything more to say?
415.Then what can be the end?
416.Can we pray now?